Our Background

User Friendly Consulting, Inc. (UFC) was founded in 1990 by Joseph Hill. Its initial focus was on the development of database applications for the telecommunications industry. In the mid-1990's, Joe expanded the business by providing onsite technical support for the rapidly growing personal computer market for large corporations. Later in that decade, the company began managing a large FileNet enterprise content management system. This account led to further growth in this segment of the business and in 1999 UFC becoming a FileNet reseller. The business further expanded with the addition of Quillix Web Capture, and the focus of the company moved to the document capture and forms processing space. This has become the company's primary focus since that time. The product line expanded with the addition of ABBYY USA in the mid-2000's.

Our Mission

User Friendly Consulting's mission is to provide world-class document management software and services to ensure success for our customers. Our positive employee environment encourages imagination and nurturing of new ideas.

What We Do At a Glance

UFC®, Inc. is a consulting, integration, and solutions firm preferred by clients in various industries including the Oil and Gas Industry for our quality, innovation, and integration expertise.  UFC provides capture, enterprise content management software, support, and integration services based on a flexible architecture and common set of applications for collecting, classifying, retaining, migrating, securing, and accessing information – all at the lowest cost of ownership. Unlike vendors that deliver generalized ECM products with centralized or consolidated architectures, or support few applications and data types, UFC delivers the most comprehensive solution which is specifically tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. The distributed nature of the solution along with UFC's extensive expertise and unique approach makes it ideal for organizations with remote offices that have limited storage space and minimal IT infrastructure or technical support.  Remote locations realize significant improvement in operational efficiencies, improved collaboration, and a reduction in storage costs - without sacrificing centralized control or visibility of information.  From capturing personnel information such as human resource forms to capturing and storing engineering drawings and correspondence, UFC provides organizations with the ability to reduce paper transaction costs while increasing their data processing efficiencies.

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 Our Commitment to Employees and Customers

At UFC, we never underestimate the importance of our employees and what they mean to our company and our clients. We value uniqueness in our employees and empower them to perform at their highest level. We feel responsible for building a lasting organization built on ethics and integrity, no matter the circumstances. Because of our Christian foundation and ownership, we value trust, respect, honesty, and commitment. Therefore, these are our hallmarks. We are responsible for serving our customers, employees, and society as best as we can through the products and services that we provide. Ultimately, we are proud of our company and the values that we maintain and represent.

Offices and Locations

Our sales and marketing office is located in Winona Lake, Indiana adjacent to the campus of Grace College and Theological Seminary.  The office of our CFO is located in Lawrence, Michigan. The rest of our operations are virtual, and we have developers situated around the United States.  We have an online software store located at http://www.ufcinc.com/store.   

Serving customers since 1990 as providers of document capture software and forms processing solutions by industry leading partners including Quillix, ABBYY, and MuWave.
67200 51st Street

By Jim Hill

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