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We are pleased to present articles dealing with a variety of topics centered around document capture, forms processing and OCR. Our articles come from our employees who have decades of experience each in the document capture area.
Ed writes articles about document capture and forms processing from the perspective of customer service. 
We are pleased to present articles from various authors at UFC, Inc. who write under the general UFC Webmaster identity.
I am a software solutions specialist and come from a developer background.  I am skilled in VB.NET development along with a wide variety of experience with ABBYY FlexiCapture, ABBYY Recognition Server, and IRISXTract. 
My role in the company is digital marketing. I have experience in a wide variety of areas including engineering and manufacturing.  My software experience includes IBM FileNet, IBM Datacap, and the full line of ABBYY products incuding FlexiCapture and Recognition Server.