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We are pleased to present articles dealing with a variety of topics centered around document capture, forms processing and OCR. Our articles come from our employees who have decades of experience each in the document capture area.

Join us in Nashville, TN for the Content IQ Summit 2019

Content IQ Summit 2019
We look forward to meeting with our customers and leadership from ABBYY USA during the Content IQ Summit 2019 being held in Nashville, Tennessee on October 23 - 25, 2019. Even if you are not yet using ABBYY software products we invite you to register and attend in order to learn more about the software including ABBYY FlexiCapture. This year m...
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Email Deliverability and Why You Should Implement SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Summary:Companies can easily implement some improved security standards in their email servers in order to increase the usefulness of email to their customers, vendors and stakeholders. Looking through my email inbox in Microsoft Outlook this morning I went looked over several emails that I have received from companies of various sizes and noticed ...
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