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Jim blogs about document capture and other topics related to enterprise software products and processes including OCR, data capture, IT security, Office 365, and email.
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Watch Our Webinar from Tuesday, 8-8-2017 Focusing Upon Manufacturing Companies


Would you like to speed up your data entry process, reducing your team's manual labor and instead have them focused on improving processes throughout your manufacturing organization? Automating your data capture will lead to higher productivity and increased accuracy and relevancy of the data you need to make better business decisions.

In our webinar, we look at three different areas that are highly impacted by data: quality control, testing and validation, as well as health, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Join us and learn how we can apply our technology to each of these three realms:

1. Quality Control: How to digitize hand-written quality control values while drastically reducing manual processing
2. Health, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance: How rapidly parsing high volumes of documents helps you to locate business critical information and ensure compliance
3. Testing and Validation: How to digitize data to allow bulk indexing and cataloging of test reports for full "searchability"

Watch the recording of this webinar by following the link on the image below. 

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