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You just received a suspicious email as a part of the security testing procedures in place at User Friendly Consulting. This was a simulated attack done by Jim Hill, and if you entered your login credentials there will not be stored and you do not need to change your password.  If you have any questions please reach out to Jim Hill.  The purpose of this email was to better equip our employees in responding to these types of threats.  How you responded will not be used against you, however the company is trying to create an incident free environment through which to serve our customers.

 These attack generally take the form of an important sounding email from someone you trust like Microsoft.  They will contact a button or link that will ask you to enter your login credentials for some service such as Office 365.  The fake login screen will look something like this:

classic phish page from attack simulator


Notice the lack of any branding relating to User Friendly Consulting as is reflected on the correct login page below:

ufc login screen

If you did enter your credentials during this time you will want to be much more careful next time as it likely won't be a test that time but a real phishing message.  Thanks so much for making User Friendly Consulting a safer company for our employees and customers.  

Jim Hill, Security Officer

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