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11/2012: UFC® is very excited to announce the release of version 4.2 of our MuWave® Forms Pro processing solution for Quillix Web capture.  This release leverages the industry leading ABBYY Flexicapture engine version 10.0 in this latest QSX module for Quillix. This release combines service based architecture with a mult-threaded design to accomplish high-volume OCR, IMR, and OMR processing of documents for extraction of critical data from documents.  This solution also provides the capability to extract tabular data from forms, even those that break across a subsequent page.  This adds to the already available stand-alone versions of ABBYY Flexicapture which were already available for their customers.  With the release of the version 10 engine comes the learning mode method for creating document definitions in Flexilayout Studio. This new functionality uses artificial intelligence to build the definitions and learns how to better extract information from forms as they are processed through Flexicapture.

For more information please contact our sales team or read more about it here.  They have years of industry experience and will help you select the best document capture or processing solution for your enterprise. Please reach out to me so we can discuss how we can save your enterprise time and money.  Jim Hill, Solutions Specialist (248) 447-0102

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