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MuWave Email Gateway QSX Data Sheet

MuWave® E-Mail Gateway is a Quillix server extension that monitors an email account and captures all of the message content into Quillix indexes. The information captured includes the subject, message body, and all email attachments. Once the user submits the email it is sent to the Quillix™ system for processing. Image attachments are automatically extracted and individual pages are separated. Rules and notifications can be configured throughout the entire email capture process.


MuWave Email Gateway QSX supports IMAP, SMTP and MAPI - and therefore most mail server configurations. UFC’s MuWave Script is also included with the product, allowing for complex operations to be performed on the email prior to submission into the Quillix system.


All of the information from each email is captured including the sender information, the subject, and the body of the email, used for indexing by Quillix. Messages containing HTML can automatically be converted into multi-part HTML format so that all of the embedded images can be maintained. All of this information can be utilized for indexing the batch or document.

Messages can be accepted or rejected based on rules defined by the administrator and each accepted or rejected message can be acknowledged with an automatic email reply. Rules can be based on sender address, whether or not an attachment exists, or if the attachment does not meet the preset requirements.



• Supports validation of email messages including attachments
• Assigns incoming emails to Quillix users, based on email address or manual configuration
• Supports moving processed messages to a folder (IMAP only)
• PDF conversion option converts PDF attachments to TIFF or JPG
• Automatically determines Quillix batch profile and document type via Quillix indexes or
• Advanced Visual Basic scripting through the integrated MuWave Script engine
• Automatic reply option to provide an acknowledgement of email processing
• Automatic conversion of HTML messages into MHT format - preserving attached images
• Flexible configuration allowing administrators to define rules based upon email addresses and attachments


The new add-in for Outlook® provides an easy way to add file attachments to Quillix. Users simply click the button on their Outlook toolbar and then browse for the file attachments. Next they are able to provide indexing information for each of the attachments before sending the email off to the designated Quillix mailbox for processing. This extension provides the ability to upload multiple different file attachments such as images and pdf documents all within the same email.

Forwarding Function: Users are also able to select a group of emails in their inbox and then hit the Email Gateway button on the Outlook ribbon. This automatically adds all of the attachments contained in the selected messages and allows for providing index information for each attachment.


MuWave Email Gateway Add-In



*Microsoft and Outlook are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation, all rights reserved. The PDF to TIF function uses Adobe PDF Library owned by Adobe Systems, Inc. and DLT owned by Datalogics, Inc.

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MuWave Classify / Extract is a Quillix Server Extension module (QSX) which provides automatic classification and extraction functions from a variety of different document types. This solution works by first classifying the document and then once it has determined the document type it extracts critical data from within the document. The system uses three different methods to locate data from a document including a text string, regular expression, or barcode.  Search zones can be specified to limit the extraction of data to a particular region of a document.

Key Features of MuWave Classify / Extract:

  • Automatically determine the document type such that the extraction rules can be applied to each of the different document classes. 
  • User interface provided to create extraction rules using these methods
    • Search for a plain text string,
    • Search using a regular expression (REGEX),
    • Search using the identification of a barcode located within the document
    • Combined search using a text string, REGEX, or barcode value but applied to a search zone within the document.

Benefits of MuWave Classify / Extract:

  • Eliminates the need for the use of much more costly document capture software when only a few index values are required to be extracted from within a document.
  • Eliminates the need to purchase a per-page or total page count licensed OCR licensed form processing solution.
  • Eliminates the need to add another document capture software application when a customer is already using Quillix Capture. 
  • Leverages the intuitive and easy to use indexing screen already familiar to Quillix Web users. 
  • Reduces administrative expense because the solution simply plugs into the Quillix capture platform without the requirement to install any other software. 

Optional Features:

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is optional should a need arise to extract handwriting information from a particular zone. The zone is identified using one of the available search techniques for location. This means that the system searches for something like a heading or "labelled field" information and then extracts the handwriting based upon the specified location relative to this field.

Did You Know:

  • MuWave Classify / Extract is a software component that plugs into the Quillix Web Document Capture application.  This document capture software application has been chosen by many large firms including global energy services company Halliburton.  Read the case study about how Halliburton is using Quillix as their global document capture platform. 
  • UFC offers an unlimited OCR engine which was designed from the beginning to work with this product. This OCR software application eliminate the need for per-page or total page count licenses of the OCR engine and provides extremely rapid OCR production compared to competitive products.  MuWave Unlimited OCR also provides an extremely scalable OCR platform. A full 8 cores of OCR processing power are provided in the standard base level configuration.  Imagine paying for an 8 CPU license with a competitve OCR application, and page counts to boot.  Find out more about MuWave OCR Unlimited
URLDescriptionFile size
Access this URL (ds_muwave_classify_extract_qsx.pdf)ds_muwave_classify_extract_qsx.pdfMuWave PDF / Classify Datasheet595 kB
Access this URL (ds_muwave_ocr_unlimited.qsx.pdf)ds_muwave_ocr_unlimited.qsx.pdfMuWave OCR Unlimited651 kB

MuWave Forms Pro QSX Data Sheet

Introducing UFC's Advanced Capture Solution for Microsoft SharePoint

MuWave® SharePoint® QSX is a Quillix™ Server extension (QSX) module which provides integration with Microsoft® SharePoint. It is easy to install and configure, yet is extremely flexible enough to provide complete control of document storage. metadata settings, and document naming.

Key Features

MuWave QSX for SharePoint provides the following features in order to get your documents into SharePoint Server in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Automatic creation of a new document in the SharePoint Server library with an automatic filename you determine
  • Compatible with both on premise Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online (Office 365)
  • Ability to dynamically assign document names, folders, and indexes using Quillix indexes or MuWave® scripts
  • Options to handle duplicate file names by automatically applying a numeric suffix, overwriting the existing document, or sending the document/batch to exception
  • Capability to check-in documents to SharePoint with comments
  • Ability to combine all image files into industry standard multi-page TIFF format
  • Advanced options and configuration through use of UFC's MuWave Script.
  • Highly complementary with Quillix Workflows using UFC's other MuWave QSX modules

Easy Setup and Configuration

MuWave® SharePoint QSX is quickly and easily installed on a running Quillix server, and requires minimal configuration before it is production ready. It also provides options for expanded logging for testing or diagnostic purposes, as well the ability to backup, migrate or restore configuration by importing/exporting the configuration to an INI file. Contact us to find out more today.

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