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Overview of UFC's OCR and ICR Software for Schools

Educational institutions face unique challenges in dealing with large volumes of paper data in a wide variety of forms. Conversion of physical data into electronic format provides ways for colleges, universities, and research organizations to better manage this information. UFC, Inc. offers a variety of solutions for customers in these areas in order to maximize the productivity of their employees while minimizing their investment in both software and consulting services.  

Addressing the Unique Needs of the Educational Community

UFC's data capture and forms processing software solutions address the unique needs of the educational community including:

  • Rapid processing of paper documents including things like examination sheets, tests, reports, college transcripts, high school transcripts (in the Admissions Department), letters of reference, books, research dissertations, and journals. 
  • Stringent regulatory requirements including the Sallie Mae regulations, No Child Left Behind, and other Department of Education policies. 
  • Cost effective processing of student loan applications.
  • Large scale digitization projects using optical character recognition. This is not just for books and journals, but also for public service agencies affiliated with the library.  
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We provide a variety of solutions to automate your accounts payable process in order to reduce costs and the turn-around time to receive time-sensitive payments more quickly.  These are out of the box, proven software solutions by our trusted partners - not custom creations which haven't been proven. UFC has been offering forms processing solutions almost since their inception.  We have done the research necessary to provide solutions which offer out of the box integration with your ERP system including Oracle, SAP, and Great Plains. 
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How We Can Help With OCR Invoice Software:
We can provide you with a comprehensive Accounts Payable or Invoice processing solution which would reduce your administrative labor expense as well as reduce the time required in the billing cycle. Our invoice recognition software accomplishes the following functions and can be customized to provide an interface to almost any back-end system including FileNet P8.

  • Automatic sorting of invoices by vendor and extraction of data from each different vendor's format.
  • Two way match and three way match with your existing accounting or ERP system. With the three-way match the system provides a method to match the invoice, purchase order and packing slip to ensure all three documents contain the same detailed information for each order.  

Here is How the Invoice Processing System Works:

  1. Invoice Scanning Process - The invoices are provided to the accounts payable automation system by any of the following methods: Scanning, monitoring of a network folder, email, or fax. This provides a rapid means of scanning invoices into the accounts payable system.
  2. Text Extraction - The invoice processing system automatically OCR's the vendor invoice or purchase order documents and validates these details against your ERP or accounting system. This is the point at which the accounts payable three way match would be done.
  3. Verification of Invoices or Orders - If the invoice processing system is not 100% confident of the values extracted during the OCR process, these are flagged and presented to the user for verification.   
  4. Export and Integration - Depending upon your needs, the extracted data and documents are exported to your back-end system. This integration happens behind the scenes to better automate your accounts payable process. 
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Our software solutions provide support for EDI (electronic data interchange) systems. The process works like this:

EDI Process flow diagram







How User Friendly Consulting Integrates OCR with EDI: 

Documents received by your organization are sent through OCR software which extracts key data from them. Then the software populates values in your organizations EDI data stream. 

We provide services that work with our data extraction software – ABBYY FlexiCapture, IRISXtract for Documents, and Quillix Capture – to create EDI data streams in a variety of formats such as X12. We can also marry incoming EDI streams to our data extraction software so that companies who process a mixture of paper documents and EDI can utilize a single set of back end ERP and content management connectors. This also provides the ability to bypass intensive OCR and document recognition processing when documents are obtained via EDI. Many companies have developed their own EDI strategies that are a hybrid of one of the published standards with local changes applied. We can work with these types of systems to bring EDI data in or export recognized documents such as invoices and purchase orders using the same EDI specification.

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