ABBYY FineReader Server – Document Conversion Service Overview

Learn how to use the ABBYY FineReader Server Document Conversion Service to send, perform, and receive the OCR output of documents.

Hello. Today I’d like to show you the FineReader Server Document Conversion Service. This is a really neat tool so that end users have the ability to use ABBYY FineReader to drag and drop documents, get the OCR performed on a document and get the output result. So as you can see I’ve navigated to our Document Conversion Service and I’m going to simply drag and drop some documents into the service window. The software’s going to show me those documents and then I can click next. The next thing it will do is it will allow me to choose output settings and you can see we have the available output settings that you can document in the software and of course any recognition language that we have available within the software. The next step is we will get our results and when we get our results, the software will simply process those asynchronously and as we process those, the software will report back which ones are completed.

Now once completed, you’ll see that we have our file names, we have them in the format or formats that we’ve requested. And of course I can download the sample file here just to kind of show you that we’ve performed an OCR on that given sample. So there’s our final product there. This is a really awesome way for us to allow end users to access what has previously been known as kind of a server based OCR, but this provides the end user to do it on demand.

Now the one administrative thing I will discuss in today’s video is that the software uses by default a workflow that is set up within the software. So in my demo today we’ve used the default workflow, which if I open up the administrative console, you’ll see I have a default workflow. If you would prefer to use another default workflow or another workflow, generally you can control those settings using the program files. And you can see that here I’m actually going to navigate to our settings file and I can open this file and you’ll notice here that we have different settings that we can control. So that the site obeys whichever workflow in whichever formats we want to allow. So administratively, that might be nice if we want to allow only certain file formats or types of documents to be uploaded and recognized against using this Document Conversion Service. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s demo. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Thank you so much.


Travis Spangler

Travis writes articles dealing with various technical aspects of document capture and forms processing. He is fluent in Microsoft.NET and holds several certifications including ABBYY FlexiCapture and IRISXTract. As general manager and sales director, he controls the daily operations as well as manages customer accounts to ensure both customers and prospects are receiving the very best from UFC, Inc. Travis has many years of experience with document capture software and content management systems. He also has wide areas of expertise including custom functions in ABBYY FlexiCapture, email API's, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and many other applications and platforms. He has integrated Amazon Web Services EC2 instances with several applications including the company's CRM system.

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