ABBYY FlexiCapture Video – Extracting Vertical Text

In this video Travis shows us how to extract vertical text in ABBYY FlexiCapture. This feature was made available in version 12 of FlexiCapture. 

Hello, today I wanted to show you how we can extract a vertical text on a document. This is what our output would end up being like. We’ll first show you the output, and then we’ll show you behind the scenes of how we make this happen. If our goal is to extract some sort of text, like what we see in this region right here, where it’s vertical and readable, but we still just wanna extract it, obviously, as readable text, then let me show you how we’re gonna do that.

The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna create a FlexiLayout, assumes that we’re gonna be dealing with an unstructured form. The FlexiLayout’s going to help us determine what we call the region of the vertical text. You can see what we’ll do is we’ll add a search element and we’ll call it a region. Now I’ve already done it for this video, but this is what you do. The region really just gives you the ability to capture a rectangle or a square of text, typically a rectangle that we just would extract and then the software will OCR that rectangle and provide the results back.

That’s what we’ve done. So we’ve set up some delimiters here that tell us where we find this vertical text, and you can see here then we have what we call a region. Then the region, of course, has relationships so that we can control the parameters of that rectangle. So this was something you would have to on your own, determine those region and those relationships that we have here. Then, of course, you would wanna return that as a block to FlexiCapture.

When we return it back to FlexiCapture, there are some things that we need to do on the document definition level to make sure that that is read correctly. So when we have a vertical text field, there are just some very, very quick and basic things that we wanna do. Obviously, the software is gonna remember based on that block that we returned from the FlexiLayout where the region is, but the very, very important thing that we wanna tell the software is right here. We wanna tell it the orientation of the text. That’s very, very important because normally, by default, we’re reading horizontal text, but if there is vertical text that we wanna extract from the document, we wanna make sure that we have that set appropriately.

I’m gonna go ahead and run this test so that you can see that we have extracted that vertical text, of course, and there it is. So it’s not a very complex process. It’s just knowing how to do it. Once again, it starts all about finding the region of the field, using the FlexiLayout. Then once we have the region, of course, we can extract vertical text from the region. Once again, that region is simply what we call a search element here, right there. You can see it in the FlexiLayout.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this quick video of how do we extract a vertical text. If you have any questions, please reach out to us, and please enjoy all of our other videos that we have available to you online. Thank you.

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