ABBYY FlexiCapture for Purchase Orders Video

Watch ou video to learn about ABBYY FlexiCapture for Purchase Orders which will automate accounts receivables processes in order to reduce the costs and turn-around time with processing orders.

Hello. Today I’m going to show you ABBYY FlexiCapture for purchase orders. The idea of this application is that we can efficiently process purchase orders, combine them into our ERP systems or accounting systems, and get them efficiently moving through our organizations.

So, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna load a few images. We’re just gonna make sure these are POs that we’re gonna process. Now, what the process is doing now, or what the software’s doing now, is it’s looking at this purchase orders and determining who the seller is, who the buyer is, and different pieces of that purchase order. Dates, and amounts, and line items, et cetera.

So, you can see here, it’s processed two out of three, and it’ll finish up that third one very quickly, and we’re gonna start taking a look at these. We can determine the business unit, or the seller, who’s the selling party internally that the purchase order is intended to go to. We can determine who the buyer is, and you can see we can drill down and even do some database look ups and then determine who the buyer is and seller. We can find the purchase order dates, the amounts, even different currencies, of course the purchase order number, and definitely one of the things we want to make sure we grab are all of these line item details. Now, these can spur on for pages and pages, and we will find them. Anything highlighted in red here is the software just simply asking you as a human to determine that what it brought back was accurate. So, it wants to make sure that this 100A is actually what we see on the document itself. We can determine here that that is correct.

We’re gonna look through some of these other purchase orders and talk through them. Here’s one where we captured the buyer and the seller, and it wants again the date. Now, when I highlight the field, you will highlight where it found it. So, for example, our order date, found the order date here in yellow. For the amount, it highlights here in yellow where that amount is. We also have our line item detail. We’ll look at this last one here very shortly, and we see our seller, our buyer, our purchase order date, amount, currency, purchase order number, and our line item details.

So, the idea of this application is that we can efficiently process purchase orders. We can find things very easily. Just a matter of clicks, we can be sending these purchase orders into our ERP or accounting systems, and really making our customers happy by efficiently processing their POs and making our staff happy because we don’t have to type every single line item and every single piece of detail that we find on this document.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Have a nice day.

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