ABBYY FlexiCapture Video – General Ledger and Cost Center Coding

Watch this video to see how you can assign general ledger (GL) accounts and cost centers to line items in ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices. The software will also learn a default GL account per vendor to speed up processing.

Hello, today I’m going to show you how ABBYY FlexiCapture gives us the ability not to just extract information from documents and invoices, but also gives us the ability to itemize them and code them in the right account. So, for example, if we have a general ledger code, also known as a GL code, or even a cost center, we can apply those to an invoice as we process them.

So, what I’ve done is, I’ve processed three documents, and you can see those here right in our document viewer window. On the left, once again, you’ll see what the software extracted and on the right, a copy of the actual invoice. Now, if you’re curious how the software extracted the information, for example; how we got this information here on the left or how we can even train the software and how to find the information, please look at other videos on our YouTube site or even on our website, and you’ll be able to find specifics there.

For today’s video, we’re going to focus strictly on General Ledger Coding and Cost Center Coding. You can see on the left, once again, we have everything we captured including the line items. Now, the very cool part about this software is we have the ability to, as we’re processing the invoice, assign a GL code in the expense account. So we can simply assign that, and you’ll see it will automatically populate that forest, and then we can also assign a cost center.

So, we can do that separately for each line item. We’ll just go ahead and select a couple here. Of course, I’m doing this very quickly just because I want you to see how easy it is for an operator to process those. Once they’re processed, we can export this document, and the document will go into our business system with these properly coded. So, it’s very, very simple for the operator to do that. We’ll go look at the other ones here, and it’s the same idea.

You go assign a GL code to the line item, and then cost center. Another neat feature of the GL coding, is we have the ability to assign a default GL code for a vendor. So the very first GL code I have, it will assign as the default. Now this is an option. We can turn that on or off with every implementation or your specific requirements, but I do want to share that, because it is a very nice way to speed this categorizing up. You can just see it. It’s as simple as the operating selecting, you know, which job code or which GL code and then the cost center here.

Of course, we have our final one where we can do that very quickly, so we’ll just run through these. We’ll assign a GL code to every one of these as the operator of the process would know, and then we’ll process a repeated invoice, so you can see the learning that the software did on the GL code. So, we’re just going to process another invoice here for a vendor, and the software’s going to go through and extract the information for us, like it has. You can see it’s processing that right now, and it’s completed, and there it is.

The GL code has been saved automatically for that vendor. Now once again, that’s an option. You can turn that option on or off so that it populates it by default, but it is a very, very nice way to speed things up for us as we’re coding the documents so that we can get it into our business system, get it into our accounting system downstream. Just make sure things are coded correctly, they’re going to the proper cost center, and it makes it just very easy and quickly for the operator to do this.

This is really as simple as GL coding goes. We have the ability to categorize it here on a Pearl-line item basis, as well as assign a cost center. Now, these are very limited in my demo environment, so I have just a few, just four cost centers and maybe just several GL codes. Understanding that your GL codes may be much more vast and different, and that’s not a problem. There’s no limitation on the number of GL codes or even sub-codes. So no worries about that, you have the ability to make sure you have everything coded in the exact format and way that you do it in your accounting system.

So, what I’ve shown you today is ABBYY GL coding and cost center coding. It’s a very, very unique way to do it, and the software has a lot of great capabilities in there for it to set defaults and just learn as we’re processing invoices. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have any questions, please let us know and we look forward to doing more business with you. Thank you so much.

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