ABBYY Vantage Video – Connector for Amazon S3™

Watch a video to learn how to create an ABBYY Vantage Process Skill that will allow you to send a document and its metadata to an Amazon S3™ Bucket.

Hello. Today I’d like to share with you how we can set up an ABBYY Vantage Process Skill to pass a document and it’s related metadata to an S3 Bucket. Now, what you see in front of us is a very typical workflow. A document will come in. In this case through an email. We will classify the document to learn the document type. We will extract critical metadata from the document. We will then pass that over to an S3 Bucket. And it’s pretty simple.

So what I’ll show you here is that I have an email box. We’ll monitor that and then we will pass that over to our S3 Bucket. So I’m just gonna, go ahead and place a proper email in the proper location. Now that I have an email in this proper location, you’ll notice that when Vantage uses its next pull to grab the email and its contents, this email will disappear, and the document will get processed and we will move that document over to our S3 Bucket.

You can see in front of us here, that email is now gone. So ABBYY Vantage is now classifying the document. It will extract its metadata. And then when we refresh our S3 Bucket, we will see a document in here where that document can then be used for historical record and then we will have a copy of that in our organizations for historical reference.

Now, with one simple refresh, we can see here within our Amazon S3 Bucket, I have the document that was picked up from an email box, processed through ABBYY Vantage and now exists in this bucket.

So I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions on the process or this connector, please reach out to us. Thank you so much.

Music- “‘Engineered to Perfection’ performed by Peter Nickalls, used under license from Shutterstock”.

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