ABBYY Vantage Video – Connector for Box®

Watch our video to discover how to use our ABBYY Vantage – Connector for Box® to extract and store data in Box®.

Hello. Today I’d like to share with you our Connector for Box® sometimes referred to as The goal of this connector is to take a document and perhaps it’s extracted metadata and pass that over to Box. Really just giving us the versatile means of storing this document for future purposes.

So in front of us, what we have is a very simple workflow. You can see, I have an input stream, which today is gonna be an FTP file share. So we’re just gonna drop a document into that file share. The software will extract the metadata from it. And then we will post that document to Box where it will live for historical purposes.

So it’s a pretty simple flow. You can see here is my site. I have no documents here in my UFC testing folder. So let’s go ahead and kick off this process. All I’m gonna do is simply move a document into our shared folder. Eventually ABBYY Vantage will pick this up and start processing it through that workflow that you just saw.

All right. That file is now picked up. It is processing through Vantage. And when Vantage is complete here, we will refresh our Box account and we will see that file added to our UFC testing folder.

Okay, so there, you can see it. We now have our invoice. In this case, this was an invoice document. We now have that invoice here in our Box account so that we can store it and review it and open it for historical purposes. We will always have access to it here within our Box account.

So that’s all I wanted to show you today is this connector. Making it a very simple way for us to keep our files. Making it very simple, to process them and extract the critical data and making sure that we have a historical reference of that document. So hope you enjoyed this video.

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