ABBYY Vantage Video – Connector for Citrix ShareFile®

Watch our video to discover how you can use our ABBYY Vantage Connector for Citrix ShareFile® to extract data from a document and then store it in Citrix ShareFile.

Hello. Today. I’d like to share with you our ABBYY Vantage Connector for Citrix ShareFile®. The goal of today’s demo is to walk a couple documents through the process skill that you see on the screen. A document will come in through a shared folder. The software will extract the critical information from the document. It will then store that document in Citrix ShareFile. The goal is to have that as a resting point for the document. A historical reference is what we typically call it so that we can access that document forever, potentially depending on the retention policies of our organization.

So this is the basic flow that you’re gonna see. Once I refresh our [Citrix] ShareFile window here, we will then see the documents that we populate from our hot folders.

So let’s go ahead and drag some documents into the system. So what we’re gonna do is just, we have a few direct deposit samples going into our shared folder. ABBYY Vantage will then grab these documents up and will go through that process that you just saw outlined on the screen.

Okay. ABBYY Vantage has now picked up those documents. They are now processing through this flow that you see on the screen. When we refresh our [Citrix] ShareFile screen, we will now see those three samples that we uploaded stored here in Citrix ShareFile for historical reference of those documents.

All right, now that we refresh our Citrix ShareFile screen. You’ll see here that I have those samples stored in Citrix ShareFile. I can click those PDFs. I can access those documents and have them just for a historical reference and uses within our organization and our [Citrix] ShareFile system.

So this is a really great example of taking ABBYY Vantage. Being able to have these documents recognized, extract the information, and then store that information in a repository so we just have future access to those documents. Hope you enjoyed this video.

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