ABBYY Vantage Video – Connector for Google Drive™

Watch a video to observe how to pass documents from an email box to Google Drive™ for data extraction and storage by way of the ABBYY Vantage – Connector for Google Drive.

Hello. Today I’d like to show you our Google Drive Connector for ABBYY Vantage. You can see the process that I’m going to demo for you today in front of us. We have an input channel, which for today’s demo is an email address that the software is monitoring. We will classify the document to learn the document type. We will extract the related data from that document. We will then use this custom activity to pass the document and its metadata to Google Drive, which is our connector. And then that is the last step here as the output.

So in today’s demo, that’s what we’re gonna do. You’ll see here, I have an email box that we’re gonna pass a document into, and then we will have a Google Drive testing folder where we’ll see the document come into. So let’s get this process started. First, what I’m gonna do is create an email and let the software grab the document automatically and then it will start the processing.

You can see here we now have an email ready within our Google Drive folder. When ABBYY Vantage uses its next email pulling, it will grab that document and that email content and then we’ll start processing that. When it’s picked up it will then move it over here to our Google Drive. Specifically our testing folder within the Google Drive.

You can see there, the software automatically picked up the document. Now that document is in processing and we expect to find it over here in our Google Drive folder when it’s complete. Now, after I refresh the screen, you can see that document is within our Google Drive folder.

In short, what it did is the software monitored the email box. We determined the document and extracted the data. We then passed it over to Google Drive. And so that’s what happened here. You can now see that document lives within Google Drive and we can now reference that as a historical record for the document.

Thank you so much for watching this video.

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