ABBYY Vantage Video – Convert to CSV Connector

Watch a video to learn how to use our ABBYY Vantage Connector to extract data from an emailed document and convert the document data to a CSV format.

Hello. Today I’d like to share with you our Convert to CSV Connector for ABBYY Vantage. Now, this is a fairly simple concept that you’ll see in front of us here. I have a process skill. The process skill will monitor an email box. We’ll then classify the incoming document. Extract the metadata from the document. We will then convert the metadata that we’ve extracted to a CSV format, which in today’s demo will then just get emailed back to us and so that we can have that as something we can consume downstream. And then that’s considered the last stage of the document here.

Now, what we do with the CSV is really up to your organization. Our goal is to convert the document to CSV. You can do anything you want with it. Today’s demo, I’m gonna show it getting emailed. In real life we may pass that to another system or another downstream step. So a lot of flexibility in the way that we use this step, but for today’s demo, I just wanted to share with you that we can convert the metadata that we’ve extracted off of this document to CSV format.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and create an email that the software will then monitor the email box, it will pick it up, convert the document to CSV, and then provide us an email of that CSV.

All right. So I have an email that is ready to be pulled within our CSV folder. So ABBYY Vantage will pull this document when it’s ready. It will automatically process the document. And then we will use our CSV connector to pass that over through CSV format, to an email.

All right, we can see there that ABBYY Vantage has picked up the document that we sent into that email folder. It is now in processing. Once again, I’ll remind you, it will go through this step where it pulled it from the document that we just saw. It will then classify, extract, convert it to CSV, and then provide us an output. Now the output, I actually just received the email. You can see here, it’s simply an email with a CSV. All of this is configurable. If you did wanna receive the document through email, we could obviously customize the subject, the to, the body, et cetera. But the more important part here is that we now have the extracted data off of the document in CSV format. So we can consume this downstream by a downstream step. So it’s a very simple process, but one that’s very critical to processing a document and its extracted metadata.

So I hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any questions on the connector, please reach out to us. We would love to chat with you about different ways that you can use our Convert to CSV Connector for ABBYY Vantage.

Music- “‘Engineered to Perfection’ performed by Peter Nickalls, used under license from Shutterstock”.

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