ABBYY Vantage Video – ACORD® Document Processing

Learn how to process ACORD® forms in ABBYY® Vantage.

Hello. Today I’d like to share with you how we process ACORD® forms within ABBYY® Vantage. Now what you see in front of us is an ACORD® 25 form. This is the form that is our certificate of liability insurance. So a very common form in business. And what you’ll see as I show you kind of behind the scenes of what’s cool with how ABBYY Vantage works with these forms is that we support a number of ACORD forms that are already prebuilt within the software for you to process. So what that means is that you don’t have to teach the software about these documents. All you simply have to do is upload them and start processing your documents automatically.

This is really cool because this gives you the ability to kind of instantly hit the ground running with the software. And of course, on an ACORD form, we’re looking for the header information. So, who’s the producer? Who’s the insured? Who the contact information is. And then of course, we get into our nitty gritties of the policy information that we have. What are the limits? What are the types of policies? Et cetera. And then of course any sort of certificate holder or signing details that we need off of that document.

So this is already prebuilt for us. Here’s an example of us diving into the commercial general liability, where we’re obviously seeing everything that the software extracted here and of course, we’re also able to extract all of the general limits and those sorts of things as well that will come off of these sort of ACORD forms. So it’s a very common implementation of what the software’s able to do for us. Once again, already prebuilt out of the box and ready for you to consume without ever having to even worry about setting up your own model because we already have those in play for us. Now, let me show you how we kind of get started very quickly within ABBYY to make this happen.

The first thing we do is we set up a process skill. And I already have one that is preestablished for us, but essentially this is how easy it is. I dragged an input, an extract, a manual review and an output. The extract activity should point to our prebuilt ACORD 25 document skill. Document skills, if you remember, are the ones that tell the software what model to use for extraction. And then this is an optional queue, but we have the ability to stop a document for a human review upon certain criteria, whether it’s a business rule, so we didn’t find certain fields or they weren’t the certain math that we wanted, or we can force every document to come in. So this would be an optional step. And then of course, when we output this, you have a ton of configuration options in how you get that data back to you.

But the cool part is that we’ve already had that prebuilt model, so I don’t have to set up an extraction skill. I’ve already done that. The software’s actually already done that for us. It comes prebuilt within Vantage. So all we got to do is set up a very basic process skill in a matter of a few seconds, and we are processing these ACORD forms as if we’ve been able to do this a million times.

Looking forward to learning how your experience goes with this technology. If you need any help or you have interest in using ABBYY Vantage, please contact us.

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