ABBYY Vantage Video – Connector for Zapier®

Watch our demo to learn how to use ABBYY Vantage to extract information from documents and send it to Zapier®.

Hello. Today I’d like to preview our ABBYY Vantage Connector to Zapier®. Now, this opens up a variety in many, many thousands of potential third party integrations that we can do with this platform. And that’s the cool part about being able to use kind of a middleware like Zapier is that our options are pretty much endless here. So what we’re gonna do here and Vantage is we’re gonna bring in a document. We’re going to extract the information from the document, and then we’ll send that to Zapier where we then get that plethora of just third party integrations. And that will be considered our output from Vantage.

So when we go to Zapier, what’s gonna happen is we will trigger an outbound email. So we’ll bring the document from Vantage into Zapier, and then we will trigger that outbound email where we will, in this case, just provide some raw body information for that transaction.

And let’s go ahead and just trigger this off. So what I’m gonna do is just do our, try any skill page here. I’m gonna upload a document. And then we’re gonna go ahead and just select our Zapier skill here.

Now, what’s gonna happen is that transaction will get extracted through ABBYY Vantage. The results will be sent to Zapier, where then our integration and workflow within Zapier and third party integrations can happen. Now in today’s demo, we’re just sending that email, which I just received here, and this is just an email of the results. Now this is a hundred percent customizable. We can obviously do all sorts of things. We can parse the JSON that is returned from ABBYY Vantage and do intelligent things with it. But this really does open up an additional workflow option here that gives us the ability to kind of be endless in the way that we send that information and integrate this with our backend processes. So hope you enjoyed this video. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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