ABBYY Vantage Video – Property Tax Bills

View how you can extract key information from Property Tax Statements via ABBYY Vantage.

Hello. Today I’d like to give you a quick overview of what our property tax bill can extract for us on either residential or commercial property tax statement.

It’s a very clean, what we call skill. This is a document skill that we’ve developed to extract information from these bills. You can see that the model that we’re using is referencing things like header details on the tax statement. So things that are found one time such as the owner or the parcel information, et cetera. And then of course we got our repeating information, or taxing unit details down at the bottom, which of course can sometimes be one item. It can sometimes be pages of items. So our software is definitely built to process a variety of these tax bills. But that’s what I wanted to show you real quick is kind of just a summary that we’re able to extract this information on these property tax bills no matter what they look like. Obviously, different municipalities or counties or different locations have control of their formats, of their tax bills. However, our machine learning models do have the ability to learn those different formats, therefore taken away the requirement of human template development and things like that.

Now, let me kind of explain to you quickly the workflow through our solution is very simple and it is configurable, but this is a very common way to do it where we’ll bring a document into the solution, which is ABBYY Vantage. We will extract the information from the bill. We will then review it if necessary, and then of course, we can provide that output to you in the proper format that your business looks to consume. This is very, very common flow and a very great use case and model for property tax bills.

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