ABBYY Vantage Video – Integration with Microsoft Teams®

Watch our video to learn how you can integrate ABBYY Vantage with Microsoft Teams®.

Hello. Today I’d like to share with you a very cool integration we built to integrate Microsoft Teams® into the ABBYY Vantage experience.

Now what I’ve done is I’ve uploaded a skill into our try any skill page. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna trigger a Teams® notification that happens after the extraction of this document takes place. So what’ll happen is this invoice will go into ABBYY Vantage. ABBYY Vantage will extract the details and when it’s ready for a human to be in the loop, which is optional, but there are reasonable cases of when a human is in the loop, we will trigger a bot notification, which could potentially happen to a single user or even a group of users. So once this is done here processing, you will see that I will receive a Teams notification.

Okay, so this document’s done. I just received a notification, and now if I open up my Teams’ window, you will see here that I have a document that needs review. I can see a status. I can see information about that document that was uploaded. And then just for human informational purposes, I can see some of the extracted fields that we extracted on the document.

Now at this point, I can also click the “Manual Review” button so that I can jump straight into Vantage to review that document, look at the data that I extracted, and make a decision on completing or rejecting that document. So this is a really cool integration that we can do to make sure humans are in the loop when we want them in the loop for an OCR process.

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