Announcing Capture Solutions for SharePoint


UFC® is pleased to announce three different capture solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. These include the Quillix Web capture system, ABBYY Recognition Server and ABBYY Flexicapture. These three offerings for capturing documents to this most popular repository provide three significantly different ways to capture documents.  Quillix Web provides a highly scalable platform for capturing documents on an enterprise level. It features a system of extensible modules for maximum flexibility and can be configured for  advanced forms processing for both fixed and semi-structured forms.  The Quillix solution is even available with a bundled version of ABBYY Flexicapture called MuWave® Forms Pro QSX

UFC® provides two other options to capture documents to SharePoint Server.  ABBYY Flexicapture is a comprehensive capture platform and comes in two flavors, the all in one stand alone system or the advanced distributed web-based version.  Finally, ABBYY Recognition Server provides an intuitive capture platform for SharePoint for those users requiring only full-page OCR and no ICR or zonal type processing as is provided in Recognition Server. 

Be sure to read more about our  Document Capture for SharePoint.


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