Automating Invoices to QuickBooks Online

UFC Connector for QuickBooks Online

The world of invoices is comprised of differences – different formats, different colors, different details. These differences make it extremely laborious to manage invoices in your organization today. Accounting personnel are forced to type in every single detail into QuickBooks® Online. If there are many line items on an invoice, you could be taking up to 5 or 10 minutes just to simply type in an invoice. Then, if a paper trail is needed, you have to manually scan the invoice and upload it to the bill in QuickBooks® Online. These steps are just a huge waste of time! Your accounting personnel can be spending this time much more efficiently. The days of data entry can end by moving to UFC®’s Connector for QuickBooks® Online.

UFC®‘s Connector for QuickBooks® Online provides you with a means of digitizing an invoice, automatically reading the details (including line items) from it, and submitting this to QuickBooks® Online. No more data entry is needed! Our OCR software will process the invoice, submit the bill to QuickBooks® Online, and even post a copy of the invoice to the bill! This can be done in just a few clicks that take seconds; therefore greatly increasing the efficiency of your accounting staff!

Consider why it makes so much sense to put this in place for your company today. Stop typing in data and hiring temps to do laborious work. Start saving money by using our system to automatically input invoices into QuickBooks® Online!

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