California Department of Motor Vehicles Uses ABBYY Software to Improve Decision Making, Efficiency and Safety


An article released by Maria Korolov from titled, “Decision intelligence: The new BI”, discusses the positive impacts of enterprises using machine learning and AI to make decisions, or “Decision intelligence”. The integration of these techniques has the capability to not only help enterprises make quality data conscious decisions, but it also creates an avenue for manufacturing far greater impacts.

One of the enterprises that is experiencing this transformational impact is the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV). The importance of providing fast and safe services to the community was highlighted for the CA DMV during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This realization moved them to reach out to our company, User Friendly Consulting, Inc., to assist them with integrating ABBYY’s document processing software.

Since this integration, the CA DMV has seen an improved quality and speed of their employee’s decisions, swifter document processing times, and an increased level of safety in their community. The chief digital transformation officer at the CA DMV, Ajay Gupta, emphasizes how this integration of decision intelligence and processing technology has increased their efficiency and helped them care for their community. Gupta comments on the benefits of this integration by stating, “The less time you spend in a crowed facility, the less chances of exposure,” as the software also allows the community to submit their required documents electronically at home without stepping foot in the CA DMV facility.

The CA DMV plans to continue integrating further decision intelligence and AI technologies in their environments. We are excited to see how this transformation and many others in the future will continue to not only create more efficient enterprises, but they will also use these tools to positively impact the lives in their communities.

Further information is available in the full article.

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