ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a forms processing and document capture system produced by ABBYY, USA. The system includes support for fixed forms, semi-structured forms, and unstructured forms. The latter two categories are managed through the creation of something called a FlexiLayout template which is then imported into the tool called the document definition editor. The document definition editor runs inside the administration console and the document definition editor is the only tool required to configure fixed form processing. FlexiCapture comes in two architecture types, stand-alone and distributed. The distributed installation is the product selected by most customers and this runs in the Windows IIS environment providing true client / server functionality. Distributed provides robust web-based document capture to your entire enterprise through a web browser. User licensing on the distributed version is concurrent which keeps licensing costs at a reasonable level. The stand-alone product is an all-in-one Windows application which can run either on a Windows workstation or a server. This version is geared towards a single user processing lower volumes of documents.

FlexiCapture includes many powerful off the shelf features include export to SharePoint, export to a database, export to Excel, automatic folder import (watched folders), and automatic import via an email account. There are also many ready to run projects available including invoice processing through which line items can be extracted and then exported to your ERP system. Other available options are support for the extraction of repeating groups and table data, such as the line items on a purchase order.