MuWave, pronounced “mew (like the sound a cat makes) + wave, is a trademarked line of products developed by UFC, Inc. The current product line is arranged primarily around the Quillix software suite but also includes several stand alone products. One of the newest products is an OCR product which offers non-per page pricing.
History: The first MuWave product was called just MuWave Pro and was a Filenet thick-client with a built-in image viewer for Filenet Image Services on the Macintosh computer. It used the Filenet WAL library to which UFC owned exclusive access for the Macintosh.
The second MuWave product was a called MuWave Link and was a plug-in for the Paperpoint desktop imaging application. This Paperport Link, as these plug-ins are called, allowed a user to check in documents to Filenet Image or Content Services. This provided an alternative means of capturing documents to Filenet, although it still required a Filenet license for each desktop capturing documents.
The present line of MuWave products developed out of UFC’s relationship with Prevalent Software around the year 2000. UFC first develop the MuWave QSX for Filenet as a means of high-volume, distributed, thin-client capture. This was first shown at the Filenet UserNet conference in Palm Springs, CA in that year. Since that first product the MuWave line has grown primarily with the addition of various modules for routing and processing of documents inside of Quillix. The complete line of MuWave QSX modules is listed below.
Trivia and How to Pronounce MuWave: The MuWave brand was taken from the Greek letter mu. UFC says that the product name is pronounced according to the modern English manner following the word mutation. Interestingly enough the ancient Greeks pronounce this first portion (the ‘mu) of the word as “mi” and in “mee” and the modern Greeks say it as “mi” as in mill.