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Tags Used in Articles on User Friendly Consulting

Email Gateway

This tag is used on articles that discuss UFC's Email Gateway. UFC's Email Gateway software monitors email boxes and process attachments.

  • Quillix web capture

    Capturing Email with Quillix Capture & MuWave Email Gateway

    See how easily your company can capture email using Quillix Web and MuWave Email Gateway. This powerful capture application works behind the scenes to capture both email attachments and email message bodies for your enterprise. This includes a Microsoft Outlook add-in for maximum flexibility.


  • Quillix web capture

    Quillix Email Gateway Webinar

    Learn how to use UFC's Email Gateway software to monitor email boxes and process attachments. This product has a variety of features and functions to ensure it will work wonderfully in your business!


  • UFC Releases Innovative Add-Ons for ABBYY FlexiCapture

    UFC Releases Innovative Add-Ons for ABBYY FlexiCapture

    User Friendly Consulting®, Inc. (UFC®) is excited to announce its release of two add-ons for ABBYY® FlexiCapture: (1) Email Gateway for ABBYY® FlexiCapture, and (2) Windows® Shortcut Tool for ABBYY® FlexiCapture. As an ABBYY® certified elite partner, UFC® is releasing these add-ons as a way for both current and prospective FlexiCapture customers to enjoy administrative ease for the document capture process. These add-ons will not only encourage growth of the software, but will make it easier to manage the systems as that growth occurs.