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File Format

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  • What is a PDF/A?

    What is a PDF/A?

    Portable Document Format (PDF) files are a handy way to exchange documents with others without requiring them to have a copy of the application that was used to create the original document. PDFs provide a way to view, as well as print, an accurate representation of the original document. The PDF format was around for a number of years and rapidly grew to become a de facto standard. As the use of the PDF format exploded, so did the variations in the format. Not everyone implemented the format in exactly the same way, and not everyone supported every new feature that was added to the format as it evolved. Demand grew for improved standardization as well as a version of a PDF that could be used for long term document archiving. A PDF file format was desired that would assure that documents created using the format would be able to be viewed and displayed at any point in the future – regardless of other changes in the rapidly changing world of computer technology. At the same time, the number of paper documents being stored was rapidly decreasing in favor of electronic document storage. Since many documents form a legal record, it was also important that the content of the original documents be maintained perfectly and were able to be viewed and printed perpetually.