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  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Capture Software

    abbyy flexicapture document capture and forms processing software UFC® incABBYY FlexiCapture® is a data capture and forms processing software solution that automates the mundane tasks of extracting data from documents. Imagine if you could automatically extract all of the checkmark and handwritten data from a survey form. Or read all of the line items from a multi-page invoice and compare each line to what is expected on a purchase order.  Users of FlexiCapture report a savings of up to 50% in their invoice processing.  And the product does much more than just invoice processing.

    FlexiCapture provides a multi-lingual data capture and document processing application that automatically converts streams of various documents into business-ready data and provides accuracy in classification and data extraction, high scalability, and advanced integrity and customizability. The unique software product is designed around your needs such that two version are available. The stand-alone version is optimized for users in a single location processing smaller volumes of fixed and flexible formatted documents, such as invoices and purchase orders, but don't need multiple users performing the scan / index / verify functions.  FlexiCapture Distributed is a web based solution that brings the power of the FlexiCapture engine to multiple web users through distributed architecture running on a Windows Server. Request demo and information for ABBYY product min

    Benefits of ABBYY FlexiCapture Document Capture Software:

    ABBYY FlexiCapture helps organizations increase efficiency by automating paper-based business processes and is intended to meet most throughput needs — ranging from small departmental tasks to larger enterprise projects for any kind of document in one stream, including:

    • Fixed forms (questionnaires, surveys, tests, tax returns, application forms)
    • Semi-structured documents (invoices, purchase orders, explanations of benefits, receipts)
    • Unstructured documents (contracts, letters, articles)

    Once captured, the documents are classified, recognized, verified, and transferred into reliable, accurate, searchable, and highly structured electronic data critical to business processes. ABBYY FlexiCapture provides powerful set-up tools and flexible processing workflow to accomplish document processing tasks of any complexity. FlexiCapture is compatible with a wide range of scanning devices supporting TWAIN.

    Create Your Own Paper or Electronic Forms:

    Need to create new paper or electronic forms? When you purchase FlexiCapture, the powerful ABBYY FormDesigner is included at no additional charge. This software tool allows you to create a wide variety of forms for electronic extraction of data in FlexiCapture or any forms processing software application. This tool provides for rapid form scanning since when you create the form it also builds the ABBYY FlexiCapture document definition for you behind the scenes. This is especially important if you need to extract handwriting from forms. Unless the form was designed for electronic handwriting extraction, the results will likely be poor until the form is redesigned with this purpose in mind - see our article about this. This is an area with which we can provide you with assistance. Although any form processing software has a learning curve, UFC® can help you get up to speed quickly through our talented staff who has worked with FlexiCapture since its inception and also with the previous product ABBYY FormReader. When you are ready to distribute your form, you can begin extraction of any type of data included machine printed text (OCR), hand printed text (ICR), check-boxes, determining if a signature is present (OMR), and also most types of 1-d and 2-d bar codes. 

    The FlexiCapture price is low enough for you to see a very fast return on your document capture software investment, often in as little as one year. The way that FlexiCapture pricing works is that you pay once for the annual page volume that you expect to process. Should your document capture software need changes, you can just move up to the next higher price level - there are no per-page charges for FlexiCapture.

    The options for integration of ABBYY FlexiCapture with other systems are almost unlimited. FlexiCapture provides out of the box support for export to Microsoft SharePoint and many other applications such as export to a database or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. If you desire to go further, UFC® provides comprehensive integration of the complete FlexiCapture line including a bundled application called MuWave® Forms Pro QSX which leverages the SDK engine product FlexiCapture Engine into the Quillix Web capture solution. This unleashes the forms processing power of FlexiCapture with the simplicity of the graphical capture workflow engine provided by Quillix. 

  • ABBYY FlexiCapture Features and Benefits

    ABBYY FlexiCapture offers unparalleled functions for extraction and capture of data from scanned and electronic documents including a true out of the box invoice processing solution. FlexiCapture provides advanced features that will never be found in open source OCR products such as Tesseract. Some of the features and benefits of FlexiCapture are as follows.

    Distributed Data Capture thumbnail

    Automatic Extraction of Data and Classification of Documents

    scanner with picFlexiCapture first classifies incoming documents into the appropriate types determined during configuration, such as invoices, letters, contracts, or purchase orders. From there it automatically extracts the data which can then be used either to populate index fields during the export or to feed accounting or ERP systems with data from the documents.



    Innovative, User Controlled Auto-Learning Training System

    training graduation hatFlexiCapture includes an innovative system for setting up new documents the first time the system sees them. Using the user-guided training system the user simply points and clicks on the corresponding data fields. After this is done for a small set of documents the next time the system runs this document it treats it like any other and automatically extracts the information. This avoids a time consuming setup process that formerly had to be done by IT professionals. Now this document training can be quickly accomplished by the business units who are experts in the information being extracted from the documents.

  • ABBYY Recognition Server

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  • IRIS

    Read more about IRIS: Intelligent Data Capture and Forms Processing Solutions.

  • UFC's MuWave brand logo

    MuWave Classify / Extract QSX

    MuWave Classify / Extract is a Quillix Server Extension module (QSX) which provides automatic classification and extraction functions from a variety of different document types. This solution works by first classifying the document and then once it has determined the document type it extracts critical data from within the document. The system uses three different methods to locate data from a document including a text string, regular expression, or barcode.  Search zones can be specified to limit the extraction of data to a particular region of a document.

    Key Features of MuWave Classify / Extract:

    • Automatically determine the document type such that the extraction rules can be applied to each of the different document classes. 
    • User interface provided to create extraction rules using these methods
      • Search for a plain text string,
      • Search using a regular expression (REGEX),
      • Search using the identification of a barcode located within the document
      • Combined search using a text string, REGEX, or barcode value but applied to a search zone within the document.

    Benefits of MuWave Classify / Extract:

    • Eliminates the need for the use of much more costly document capture software when only a few index values are required to be extracted from within a document.
    • Eliminates the need to purchase a per-page or total page count licensed OCR licensed form processing solution.
    • Eliminates the need to add another document capture software application when a customer is already using Quillix Capture. 
    • Leverages the intuitive and easy to use indexing screen already familiar to Quillix Web users. 
    • Reduces administrative expense because the solution simply plugs into the Quillix capture platform without the requirement to install any other software. 

    Optional Features:

    Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is optional should a need arise to extract handwriting information from a particular zone. The zone is identified using one of the available search techniques for location. This means that the system searches for something like a heading or "labelled field" information and then extracts the handwriting based upon the specified location relative to this field.

    Did You Know:

    • MuWave Classify / Extract is a software component that plugs into the Quillix Web Document Capture application.  This document capture software application has been chosen by many large firms including global energy services company Halliburton.  Read the case study about how Halliburton is using Quillix as their global document capture platform. 
    • UFC offers an unlimited OCR engine which was designed from the beginning to work with this product. This OCR software application eliminate the need for per-page or total page count licenses of the OCR engine and provides extremely rapid OCR production compared to competitive products.  MuWave Unlimited OCR also provides an extremely scalable OCR platform. A full 8 cores of OCR processing power are provided in the standard base level configuration.  Imagine paying for an 8 CPU license with a competitve OCR application, and page counts to boot.  Find out more about MuWave OCR Unlimited
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