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  • 6 Steps to a Successful FlexiCapture Distributed Install

    6 Steps to a Successful FlexiCapture Distributed Install

    1. Understand the Interaction of the System Components

    FlexiCapture distributed has several primary components that will typically run on separate servers. Understanding the interaction of the components is critical to understanding and fully utilizing the FlexiCapture software.

    The main FlexiCapture Application Server contains the system monitoring components along with the websites and user security. Also installed on the Application Server, will be the Processing Server which is responsible for the distribution of workloads off to the Processing Station(s).Processing Stations are used for their CPU resources to perform the actual OCR recognition work and are intended to be separate environments from the Application Server. FlexiCapture Distributed also requires the use of a SQL Server Database. This database can be collocated on the main Application Server, however it is strongly recommended that the database is hosted on a dedicated, enterprise grade database server to ensure that proper performance and database maintenance policies are in place.