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Invoice Processing Software

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  • Automated Invoice Processing: FlexiCapture for Invoices

    Are You Seeking To Increase Efficiency, Save Money in Accounts Payable Invoice Processing and:

    • Reduce invoice processing costs? A recent study says the average labor cost of processing an invoice is $15.00 each. What if you could cut this in half?  
    • Eliminate painstaking manual keying of data from paper invoices and extract data automatically by invoice scanning software?
    • Decrease invoice processing and billing cycle time? 
    • Eliminate easy to make errors in Accounts Payable such as the wrong quantity versus the purchase order?
    • Automate your accounts payable system invoice processing system?
    • Provide automated 2 and 3 way matching of AP invoices with your accounting or ERP system?

    FlexiCapture is a Ready to Run User Trained OCR Invoice Recognition Software Solution

    ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices is a quick and affordable means of solving your invoice processing system challenges.  It is a ready to run automatic invoice processing solution that is built upon ABBYY's FlexiCapture OCR recognition engine foundation. This revolution in document capture software combines the industry leading ABBYY® data extraction engine with a ready to use invoice processing application for a true out of the box, user assisted auto-learning application. AP personnel can scan new invoices and the system will learn the data fields on the fly without the need for administrative support from IT. You can expect to begin processing documents within a matter of a few hours with a connection to a list of vendor names and addresses in your accounting or ERP system.  In addition, the ABBYY FlexiCapture price makes the system affordable while providing a rapid ROI. Find out more today about how we can automate your accounts payable system. 

  • Disruptive Innovation Part 1: Software Impacting Daily Lives


    Learn how Delphi teamed up with Verizon to provide a disruptive innovation that provided a means of allowing continued driving privileges for a friend’s father with the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.


    Sometimes when a new technological invention comes along, we wonder how we ever lived without the new device. Recently, I had dinner with a friend who is responsible for caring for his aging father who was recently diagnosed with the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. This has created challenges for my friend because he wants his father to be able to maintain his mobility through the privilege of driving. This provides a means for his father to keep in touch with his family and local community. This summer he received a call from the police who were with his father in a nearby town where he was trying to locate his mother, who had passed away several years ago. This isolated event that occurred during his father’s early onset of the disease could have resulted in loss of his driving privileges except for the availability of a new invention called Delphi Connect with wireless connection that is provided through Verizon.

  • Disruptive Innovation Part 2: Invoice Processing Software

    Disruptive Innovation Part 2: Invoice Processing Software


    Learn how invoice processing software is rapidly becoming a disruptive innovation that allows companies to automate the tiring process of paying bills.


    As we stated in Part One of this series, sometimes when a new technological invention comes along we wonder how we ever lived without the new device or technological innovation. A “disruptive innovation” is a particular category of innovation which creates its own demand. For example, the invention of the automobile created a demand for its purchase when it didn’t exist and the available substitutes were of a qualitatively different nature. In the technology field, the pace of innovation is increasing to the extent that it is commonplace to hear our customers make statements like, “I don’t know how I have lived without this.” Within the past two years, we have been hearing this about a particular type of software application: invoice processing software. This trend towards the adoption of invoice processing software by companies of all sizes has created a trend in which this labor saving software has almost become a commodity much like word processing software.


  • OCR Invoice Processing Software

    OCR Invoice Processing Software Solutions:

    Invoice processing software provides the functionality to automate the extraction and exportation of data from invoices and purchase orders. The OCR invoice software provides a two-way match between the invoice and the purchase order and can also provide a three-way match to the shipping documents through some additional configuration. User Friendly Consulting® provides several industry leading invoice processing software solutions including ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices and IRISXTract.