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Automatically extract data from documents, create an OCR searchable version, and export it anywhere.

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UFC’s AP Energize for *QuickBooks,® Online Plus and AP Energize for QuickBooks® Online Essentials gives you the ability to automatically extract data from vendor invoices and input them directly into your QuickBooks® Online account. Long gone are the days of losing money from data entry costs that only end up with countless hours of fixing errors. AP Energize for QuickBooks® Online will streamline your accounts payable processes by allowing you to capture invoices from at least four different sources:

  1. Emails. Simply send the invoices to a designated email address.
  2. Scans. Scan your invoices and place they will be processed automatically.
  3. Faxes. AP Energize monitors files received from your fax server or e-fax system.
  4. Watch Folders (Hot Folders) on a network share.

Supports QuickBooks Online Essentials and QuickBooks Online Pro!

After an invoice is captured and the data is verified using our user-friendly tools, we automatically submit the invoice to QuickBooks® Online and create a “Bill” with the invoice attached to it for your records! This solution takes advantage of two industry leading products, ABBYY FlexiCapture or IRISXtract.  Contact us to learn how you can start using AP Energize for QuickBooks® today!

 *Intuit and QuickBooks are trademarks and service marks of Intuit Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

See a Short Video of ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices and the Export to QuickBooks Online:

AP Energize for QuickBooks Online

AP Energize leverages either ABBYY FlexiCapture or IRISXtract in order to offer unparalleled functions for extraction and capture of data from scanned and electronic documents including a true out of the box invoice processing solution. Both provide advanced features that will never be found in open source OCR products such as Tesseract. Some of the features and benefits of AP Energize are as follows.

Automatic Extraction of Data and Classification of Documents

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AP Energize first classifies incoming documents into the appropriate types determined during configuration, such as invoices, letters, contracts, or purchase orders. From there it automatically extracts the data which can then be used either to populate index fields during the export or to feed accounting or ERP systems with data from the documents.

Innovative, User Controlled Auto-Learning Training System

AP Energize includes an innovative system for setting up new documents the first time the system sees them. Using the user-guided training system the user simply points and clicks on the corresponding data fields. After this is done for a small set of documents the next time the system runs this document it treats it like any other and automatically extracts the information. This avoids a time consuming setup process that formerly had to be done by IT professionals. Now this document training can be quickly accomplished by the business units who are experts in the information being extracted from the documents.

One System for All of Your Invoice Processing, and Document Capture Needs

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AP Energize provides a single solution for capturing documents from various sources within your company email, document scanners, MFP devices and even images from smart phones using the included iPhone mobile phone client application. The system can automatically extract documents and images from an email attachment, classify it, extract indexing information, and commit it to your content management system automatically.

Rapid Return on Investment and Low Ongoing Costs

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AP Energize provides a means for you to save money by greatly reducing your data entry costs while increasing the accuracy. When you calculate savings on the order of 50% in data entry costs it’s easy to see how a system can quickly pay for itself. This is on top of the fact that implementation times average under one week – you could begin saving next week.

Web-Based Clients for All Operations Including Administration and Verification

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Every processing function is available as a web station in the AP Energize system. This includes the scanning station, web verify, web capture (combined scanning and verify station!), and the powerful administrative and reporting console. What is better is that each station is also available in a rich client should this better suit your needs.  Request a demo today to find out more.

Unparalleled Scalability

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This solution can be scaled to meet the needs of a small office processing a few hundred images per day all the way up to 1 million per day. The unique architecture provides for simultaneous distributed processing across multiple workstations or servers to meet your processing requirements. Need to cut your processing time with one single station in half? Just add a second station. Even better is the fact because of the way the product is priced you won’t have to purchase additional software licenses. Just install the software on the second server, point it to the central system, and begin processing documents. Try doing this with Tesseract or competitive products!

What is the Cost of Lost or Slow Information?

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Consider: Your mail room receives an insurance claim letter and per the normal process sends it through company mail to your claims center. Upon receiving it in Claims they determine that this is involves and extremely time sensitive matter.  How much would it have benefited you if this letter had been scanned in the mail room and then automatically sent to Claims with a note of the time sensitive information? What if you could automatically locate documents containing actionable information within minutes of receiving it?

Are you ready to move one step closer towards a paperless accounts payable system?

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Why Partner with UFC® and ABBYY?

UFC® was proud to receive ABBYY’s best year to year partner at the award ceremony in November, 2014. As one of ABBYY’s select Gold partners UFC® is uniquely positioned to solve your document capture challenges. Find out why ABBYY thinks UFC® can deliver software solutions in a consistent method, year after year, from company to company.

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