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Learn how our software helps you with our Electronic Data Interchange Challenges.

Our software solutions provide support for EDI (electronic data interchange) systems. The EDI software process works like this:

EDI Process flow diagram

User Friendly Consulting Integrates Intelligent Data Capture and OCR with EDI Software

Documents received by your organization are sent through OCR software which extracts key data from them. Then the software populates values in your organizations EDI data stream.  We can work with most any EDI software or EDI solution.

We provide services that work with our data extraction software – ABBYY FlexiCapture, ABBYY Vantage and Quillix Capture, to create EDI data streams in a variety of formats such as X12. We can also marry incoming EDI streams to our data extraction software so that companies who process a mixture of paper documents and EDI can utilize a single set of back end ERP and content management connectors. This also provides the ability to bypass intensive OCR and document recognition processing when documents are obtained via EDI. Many companies have developed their own EDI strategies that are a hybrid of one of the published standards with local changes applied. We can work with these types of systems to bring in EDI data or to export recognized documents such as invoices and purchase orders using the same EDI specification.

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