Laserfiche and SharePoint Integration

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Extending Microsoft SharePoint® with Best-in-Class Document Imaging and Content Management:

Laserfiche and SharePoint Working Together

The Laserfiche® and Microsoft SharePoint® integration (LfSPI) maximizes the strengths of both systems to enhance the utility of your SharePoint solution. While SharePoint adds collaboration portal functionality to Microsoft Office®, Laserfiche provides best-in-class document imaging and content management. By combining the two, users get a complete information management system that allows users to easily and securely work with documents throughout their life cycle.

The two keys to the success of the integration are data synchronization and accessibility. With data synchronization between the two systems, a variety of tasks—such as moving documents, preserving links, limiting copies and removing deleted documents—are handled automatically, without administrative intervention. Thanks to this improved data accessibility, users do not have to know which system stores the document they need.

The Integration has four aspects:

  Laserfiche Web Part™ for SharePont   SharePont Search Protocol Handler for Laserfiche
  SharePoint Records Center Integration   Laserfiche Workflow Activities for SharePoint