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High Volume Automated OCR for Robotic Process Automation

Automation Anywhere Enterprise

Automation Anywhere® Enterprise A2019, the latest release of Automation Anywhere’s flagship Digital Workforce platform, was designed from the ground up to deliver the first-ever purely web-based user experience. Not only is Enterprise A2019 purely browser based and does not require any client installs, it also offers businesses flexible deployment options of on-premise or on the cloud. It is also the first platform that provides RPA-as-a-Service as a turnkey automation solution for businesses of all sizes.

OCR Solutions for RPA: Adding Content Intelligence to RPA Through OCR Software

In order to maximize an enterprise’s investment in robotic process automation (RPA), companies must improve the intelligence level of the robots by providing them with the ability to understand unstructured content such as images, text, and documents. If for example an electronic PDF format document is stored in a non-OCR, non-searchable format the robotic process will be unable to fully understand the content contained within the document. Our enterprise capture solutions greatly increase the intelligence of the RPA robot by providing it with content intelligence.

How Content Intelligence Benefits RPA Systems

Make RPA Robots Smarter

Our enterprise capture solutions greatly increase the intelligence level of RPA robots by providing them with searchable data and metadata from unstructured documents.
This is the big idea behind content intelligence. Content is inherently intelligent because of the data it contains but also as a function of the person reading and understanding the data. However, the sharing of the content isn’t useful unless it can be wholly presented to the RPA robot. Also, consider how many documents are archived in physical form in vaults which when made into electronic, searchable format could inform the RPA process with valuable data.

Accelerate Decision Making and Actions

Greatly increase the speed in making decisions and taking action inside the robotic process automation system.
Enterprise capture performs automated data extraction tasks within unstructured documents and transmits this data back to the RPA robot. Imagine a case where an RPA robot needs to locate a certain key value such as an account number within a document. This is where enterprise capture provides a crucial, time sensitive function as an alternative to a manual step requiring an operator to visually scan and locate the value from among rows and columns of other numerical data.

Increase the Efficiency of Data Flows via Documents

Make data flow though documents more efficient by adding intelligence to worker robots, making decisions more quickly, and increasing regulatory compliance.
These efficiencies are gained by making unstructured document information available to a worker robot.

“Commoditize“ the Data Extraction Process

Enterprise capture provides the means to “commoditize” the data extraction and OCR software within a company.
Anytime data extraction tasks are needed, the RPA software easily calls a pre-made, commercial off the shelf software (COTS) application which connects the enterprise capture software to the RPA system. Both the enterprise capture and the two-way connector to the RPA are ready to run COTS components ready to be configured for the next robotic process automation robot function.

Ready to Run Connectors for RPA

ready to run connectors for RPA

ABBYY FlexiCapture Connector for Blue Prism Studio

This connector between Blue Prism and ABBYY FlexiCapture provides an easy way to pass documents to ABBYY for classification and extraction of data. It then delivers it back to the Blue Prism process and supports both straight through (unattended) and human assisted verification.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Connector for UiPath

The ABBYY FlexiCapture connector for UiPath design studio provides an easy way to pass documents from UiPath to ABBYY FlexiCapture for classification and extraction of data. It then delivers back the results including documents, data extracted from the documents, image snippets related to fields, and a link to the FlexiCapture web verification station for when human interaction is needed.

how abbyy flexicapture works with rpa software diagram

Connection to RPA Product Using ABBYY Web Verification Process

Some Use Cases: Content Intelligence for RPA

Email Workflow Use Case

The RPA robot receives an email with an attached document and passes it to ABBYY FlexiCapture via the ready to run software connector. Next, FlexiCapture classifies the document to determine the type, then extracts the required information from the document. Finally, FlexiCapture sends the extracted data back to the robot along with a text searchable version of the original email attachment.

Invoice Processing Use Case

The RPA robot collects invoice documents from a variety of sources and passes them to ABBYY FlexiCapture. FlexiCapture determines the vendor and business unit, then extracts the line items and total amount from each invoice. Finally, the invoice data and invoice document itself is sent back to the RPA process for approval of the invoice.

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