Services and Software Solutions for IBM Content Manager Customers and Partners

We have been an IBM FileNet Partner Since the Year 2000 and understand the IBM Content Manager (FileNet P8) platform very well. We provide document capture and integration solutions for this powerful enterprise content management solution.

Overview of our Solutions and Services for IBM® Content Manager Customers and Partners

User Friendly Consulting has been a trusted partner of IBM® and formerly FileNet® back to when the first enterprise content management and data capture solutions were offered back in the year 1990. This relationship began with our development of the MuWave® line of document capture software created as plug-in modules the Quillix Web Capture suite. The Quillix product provided a much improved graphical workflow in their unique application which was adopted by many large enterprise customers running the IBM® products formerly known as FileNet Image Services® and Content Services. Our line of products for IBM FileNet included not only the revolutionary Quillix Capture integration modules but also more advanced modules integrated with the ABBYY FlexiCapture® Engine in order to provide full page OCR, zonal OCR, and handwritten text extraction. Since the release of these products our product line has expanded to include export modules for the ABBYY FlexiCapture product as well as the new ABBYY Vantage® application.

Integration Modules for IBM Content Manager®:

MuWave QSX for IBM Content Manager (FileNet P8®)

This MuWave QSX module is a Quillix Server Extension (QSX) which provides enterprise level document capture functionality for IBM Content Manager (FileNet P8) through the integration with Quillix Web. The product provides document indexing which maps the scanned or imported documents in the various document classes established in the IBM Content Manager system.

Export Connector for ABBYY FlexiCapture

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We provide an easy to use export module for the ABBYY FlexiCapture suite which includes the ability to export data including such things as line item details on an invoice. Learn how the export process works by watching our video showcasing this process.

Skill for ABBYY Vantage®

We offer an integration connector skill for the ABBYY Vantage® Platform in order to export data to the IBM Content Manager (FileNet P8) system. Learn more about this connector skill on our ABBYY Vantage product page.

IBM® Content Manager Migration Services:

We provide enterprise level migration services to and from various FileNet platforms including IBM Image Manager (Image Services), and FileNet P8 Content Manager. We have a comprehensive program for migration of data to and from these platforms and can provide references for the customers whom have benefited from our long-term understanding of the IBM products.

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Other Products for IBM® Content Manager:

MuWave® P8 Workbench Web

MuWave® P8 Workbench from UFC® Inc., is an add-on application to the IBM FileNet® P8 (Content Manager) content management system. This allows engineers to track and better manage drawings. This application was designed to provide a user-friendly way for users to perform their job functions, and provides a web-based interface for searching, viewing, downloading and printing documents.

Going beyond capabilities provided by the standard FileNet P8 platform, users can select multiple drawings and combine them into a single PDF file for download and viewing, and can print multiple documents simultaneously.  The optional client-based application performs all of the capabilities of the web client, plus the ability to check in / checkout drawings, as well as full visibility as to whom checked out these documents.  When a document is checked in, it is rendered in TIFF format and stored within the IBM Content Manger for access by users who may not have CAD installed on their computers. This then automatically keeps the TIFF and original CAD files in sync.

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IBM Content Manager Consulting Services

UFC® provides a broad array of consulting services for IBM Content Manager. Contact us to see if we can help you with your unique needs.

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