Document Capture for SharePoint

Automatically extract data from documents, create an OCR searchable version, and export it anywhere.

There is little doubt that the ECM market is being redefined by Microsoft SharePoint®. Microsoft describes its newest release as “The Business Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise and the Web”. This release comes with hundreds of new features including upgrades to collaborative content functionality, better metadata driven navigation, and a faster interactive search experience to name a few. With the new release of SharePoint, more and more organizations are starting to jump on the SharePoint bandwagon. It has launched data collaboration and records management into the limelight, highlighted the importance of image and data capture tools, and turned ECM into an infrastructure play.

But we all know that SharePoint alone can’t meet all of the ECM needs of an enterprise. Microsoft’s strategy has always been to build platforms which satisfy the majority of common requirements but leave open a pool of other requirements that are addressed by third-party products. In the case of SharePoint, it needs third-party applications to fill in a number of voids by supplying key ECM capabilities (such as data capture and transactional content management).

One requirement that SharePoint does not address is in the area of capturing paper documents. Paper documents need an efficient way to get into the SharePoint repository. This includes accurately building index data and correctly storing the documents within the associated SharePoint library. None of these tasks are handled out of the box by SharePoint.

This is where UFC® can help. We provide several easy to implement solutions for capturing documents to Microsoft SharePoint. These include 1. Our Quillix Web Solution, 2. ABBYY FlexiCapture, and 3. ABBYY FineReader Server. The bottom line question that we can help you answer is, “How can I make documents searchable in SharePoint?”

Quillix Web Solution for Capturing Documents to SharePoint Server

Quillix provides a full featured capture platform for SharePoint. This enterprise capture platform provides robust and scalable capture for documents of any type including personnel records, AP documents, and email. The system runs on Microsoft’s server platform and leverages .NET architecture to provide a web based solution for even the most advanced capture needs.  It works like this: The first time a user visits the Quillix web page through Internet Explorer, a small ActiveX control is downloaded to their computer. Next an intuitive scanning interface is provided for users to capture, index, and verify documents. They can also access queues on the server from this same web page, view thumbnails of scanned images, rearrange delete and add pages, and much more.  You can see a feature tour of the web client here. The SharePoint connector comes bundled with the purchase of a package including the Quillix server and a group of web access user licenses. Read more about the Quillix connector for Microsoft SharePoint Server. Read more about Quillix Data Capture

ABBYY FlexiCapture and FineReader Server Solutions for Capture to SharePoint

As much as SharePoint is seemingly proliferating as a content management program, it is dependent on leading data capture applications like ABBYY to be able to on-ramp documents and data into it. Being able to easily and efficiently convert and index high volumes of paper products directly into SharePoint is critical. By combining a data capture engine like ABBYY with a back-end repository like SharePoint, you have a winning combination.

For instance, ABBYY FineReader Server™ can publish output files (images and recognized documents) directly to a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server library. If ABBYY applications are connected to SharePoint Server, then it is also possible to select a Content type for the output documents and export document metadata (such Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, or the separation barcode value) to document properties columns in the SharePoint library.

ABBYY FlexiCapture Document Capture Software provides even more advanced features for automatically indexing your documents. This product, available in either stand-alone or a web based distributed version, provides comprehensive indexing of documents through ICR, OCR, and OMR. It includes the patented ABBYY FlexiCapture engine which provides features for both fixed format and flexible documents – those on which the desired index information can be located in various positions on the page.

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