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UFC has Over 20 Years Experience with Oil and Gas Companies

UFC®, Inc. specializes in providing data capture and document management software applications, support, and  integration services to the Oil and Gas industry. We understand the document management needs of the Oil and Gas industry and we work hard to provide solutions for our Oil and Gas clients. Companies such as Halliburton, KBR and Northern Natural Gas, to name a few, trust their data capture solutions to us.

Support and Customization

Are you looking for a data capture and document management company that will provide you with more than just a system and sporadic support? Besides providing support for our clients’ systems, we also collaborate with them on various projects that allow them to obtain more efficiencies and better results from their document management systems. Check out the Halliburton case study on this page to see how we helped solve their Field Ticket issue.

A Data Capture System that Fits the Oil and Gas Industry Needs

The data capture system (Quillix Capture) that we implement, service, and support is a distributed data capture system that is ideal for the oil and gas industry. Quillix Capture provides an excellent capture platform for the distributed nature of the Oil & Gas Industry that will allow you to capture documents in remote locations while still providing robust functionality such as routing, fax and email capture, advanced lookup capabilities, advanced forms processing, and advanced reporting. We have even developed our own line of data capture products called MuWave® that enhance the functionality of Quillix Capture and are a direct result of working with our Oil and Gas clients and their requirements for a data capture system.

Document Management Integration and Conversion

While our main experience is in integrating Quillix Capture with IBM’s FileNet Image and Content Services for FileNet and FileNet P8, we also have integrated with other applications such as Documentum, PaperVision, and SAP. We also offer conversion services to help you with converting your documents, including capabilities such as preservation of annotations, optional renditioning, and document re-indexing using databases or COM interfaces.

ECM Including Distributed Capture Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry:


According to industry experts, there is a significant opportunity for companies in the Oil and Gas Industry to leverage information technology to improve and fulfill their business objectives. While the digital oilfield is driving the integration of new and old technology, it has resulted in new challenges for the industry. Of course, the nearly exponential growth in data has been exacerbated by the global structure of oil and gas companies and the human capital challenge within the industry.

Executives and Line-of-Business professionals recognize the value in a holistic enterprise-wide solution, yet numerous impediments often hinder an organization’s ability to accurately assess the undertaking’s feasibility, rapidly make a decision and smoothly manage the deployment to successful completion. One thing is certain: success first starts with finding, capturing and managing an enormous amount of relevant content through internal and often external work processes.


The global nature of the document capture environment can be a significant road roadblock in the oil and gas industry. On one hand the centralized content manager server can be located in single geographically strategic location near the central management infrastructure making it a relatively easy to deploy and maintain. On the other hand the document capture requirements for the industry represent a challenge because of the widely separated locations of these locations. Capturing these documents and the time sensitive data contained within them, such as vendor shipping documents or employee expense records, represents a decentralized capture requirement. The nature of oil and gas exploration and production is global and field based. A successful deployment of a distributed document capture system to this wide geographical landscape has to rely on minimal systemic resources at the capture sight and extreme flexibility in the makeup of the document capture process.

UFC® is a consulting, integration and solutions development firm preferred by clients in the Oil and Gas Industry for their quality, innovation and integration expertise, making them uniquely qualified to meet these challenges. UFC® provides capture, enterprise content management software, support and integration services – based on a flexible architecture and common set of applications for collecting, classifying, retaining, migrating, securing and accessing information – all at the lowest cost of ownership.

To read more about how UFC® can help Oil and Gas companies read more in the article below and reach out to us today.

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