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MuWave, pronounced "mew (like the sound a cat makes) + wave, is a trademarked line of products developed by UFC, Inc. The current product line is arranged primarily around the Quillix software suite but also includes several stand alone products

  • Quillix web capture

    Capturing Email with Quillix Capture & MuWave Email Gateway

    See how easily your company can capture email using Quillix Web and MuWave Email Gateway. This powerful capture application works behind the scenes to capture both email attachments and email message bodies for your enterprise. This includes a Microsoft Outlook add-in for maximum flexibility.


  • Happy New Year!

    New Year Promotions from User Friendly Consulting

    User Friendly Consulting (UFC, Inc.) is excited to start 2016 with you! We have a number of thrilling projects, software offerings, and discounts coming your way this year! We had a terrific 2015 and we intend to carry that momentum with us into 2016. Make sure to stay in tune with us by: (1) reading our newsletters, (2) attending Webinars, and (3) following us on social outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. We've seen a major push in the market and our business for invoice and purchase order automation. We offer the best solutions and expertise in the industry for these processes. Click here to learn more!

    The first quarter is starting off strong with a number of discounts for our customers! Make sure to take advantage of these offers:

    20% off on Quillix and MuWave software until March 31st, 2016

    15% off on IRIS software until March 31st, 2016

    5% off of ABBYY FlexiCapture and Recognition Server until January 31st, 2016

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  • MuWave Logo

    UFC MuWave® QSX Interfaces / Connectors

    Extending Quillix™ Capture and ABBYY® FlexiCapture® with Customizable Modules


    UFC® MuWave® is a suite of customizable modules designed and developed by UFC, Inc. to work with the Quillix™ Capture and ABBYY FlexiCapture® products in order to reduce or eliminate user intervention in the capture-side workflow and enhance, simplify and improve features not available with these standard products.

    Leveraging the Quillix Server Extension (QSX®) architecture, the MuWave® Suite delivers fully pluggable processing modules for both Quillix Capture and ABBYY FlexiCapture solutions, while extending out to other applications such as Laserfiche®, PaperVision®, Documentum®, Microsoft SharePoint® and FileNet®.  QSX and the MuWave® modules work cooperatively as an independent rules engine - managing specific processing tasks and determining multiple outcomes for work case routing, indexing, exception handling and release to name a few.  These modules are often used at the end of the capture process, where they automatically handle tasks, such as the release of captured information to downstream document management systems, other workflow tasks, or data repositories.