11/14/2012 Travis Spangler

New Email Gateway Connector Released

9/2012: We are pleased to announce that we have released a new version of our MuWave® Email Gateway QSX module for Quillix.  We listened to our customers and addressed their pressing need for quickly capturing multiple different file type attachments in a single email message.  Our version 4.2 release includes this new functionality to automatically process multiple file attachments with the included Outlook® 2010 / 2007 add-in.  Our QSX server component takes advantage of this extended functionality by automatically extracting the indexing information for each attachment and committing this to the Quillix server.

For more information contact Jim Hill, Solutions Specialist: 248-447-0102 or follow this link.

Travis Spangler

Travis writes articles dealing with various technical aspects of document capture and forms processing. He is fluent in Microsoft.NET and holds several certifications including ABBYY FlexiCapture and IRISXTract. As general manager and sales director, he controls the daily operations as well as manages customer accounts to ensure both customers and prospects are receiving the very best from UFC, Inc. Travis has many years of experience with document capture software and content management systems. He also has wide areas of expertise including custom functions in ABBYY FlexiCapture, email API's, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and many other applications and platforms. He has integrated Amazon Web Services EC2 instances with several applications including the company's CRM system.

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