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Why Noble House Home Furnishing Chose UFC – IRIS

We are pleased to present this testimony from Noble House Home Furnishings regarding their implementation of IRISXTract:

Since finalizing the proof of concept project with UFC, Inc. for the IRISXtract OCR scanning software in April 2015, we have benefited from using the IRISXtract software to process our vendor invoices through our Quickbooks Pro Online system.

  • As designed, the IRISXtract software has reduced the amount of time, errors and resources we previously spent manually entering the data into AP and individually scanning and attaching the corresponding invoices to our AP billing system.
  • As our business continues to grow (39% sales growth in 2014), the IRISXtract software is allowing us to process a corresponding increase in the number of vendor invoices without incurring the cost of adding headcount to the accounting department.
  • We are also looking into applying this OCR software technology with other departments (logistics and sales) to analyze data from various 3rd party documents (i.e. customs and duties forms, bill of ladings).

Our work with Travis Spangler and his team at UFC, Inc. allowed the IRISXtract software to be customized specifically for our operations and capture the required data to our AP system. Travis and UFC® were able to deliver on the expected results of the software capabilities.

Thomas Tamura
Chief Financial Officer
Noble House Home Furnishings, LLC

July, 2015 

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UFC Document Capture Solutions

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