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OCR comparison matrix

A table that compares OCR products to help pick the proper software.

  • OCR Software / Data Capture Software

    Optical Character Recognition Software: Increase efficiency through automation of paper-based processes and intelligent OCR software to transform paper into searchable, manageable information.

    datacapturechallengesWe know that effective and efficient data capture can be challenging for your organization and an important part of this is optical character recognition software (OCR).  In order to provide the optimal optical character recognition software, we have carefully selected certain technology partners for their robust capabilities and flexible architecture and have aligned ourselves with ABBYY USA, Canon, and Prevalent Software to deliver robust data capture and OCR solutions. 

    Our OCR Software and Data Capture Solutions Include:

    ABBYY FlexiCapture OCR Software

    ABBYY FlexiCapture® is a multi-lingual data capture and document processing application that automatically converts streams of various documents into business-ready data and provides accuracy in classification and data extraction, high scalability and expandability, and advanced integrity and customization.  FlexiCapture provides a variety of export options including just about any form of PDF, as well as export to a database or FTP by means of a simple script. Image files can also be exported or sent to an image over text PDF. For more information about ABBYY FlexiCapture, please see the appropriate product area of this website.

  • Which ABBYY Product Should I Choose? OCR Software Comparison

    Use this guide to help you to select the correct ABBYY product to meet your OCR, OMR, and ICR needs.

    Compare ABBYY Products


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