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production deployment

This tag is used on articles that discuss production deployment.

  • Software Validation and Testing

    Testing 1...2...3 (Software Validation and Testing)

    Considerations to the importance of proper testing prior to a production deployment.

    Today I will talk about the importance of proper and thorough testing prior to deploying an application, patch, or even a configuration change to a production system.

    It is very easy for the IT department to be caught up in a false sense of urgency when it comes to the production release of a piece of software, an update, or a configuration change. The user base, management, or both, may be applying pressure to have whatever it may be, delivered for use. Proper and thorough testing takes time, and as everyone knows, Time is Money. Budgetary limitations and scheduling deadlines may also factor into the pressure to “Hurry up and get it tested so we can go live!” This pressure may result in rushed and less than adequate testing, or in some cases, no testing at all! This is the epitome of “False Economy”, as a lack of testing almost guarantees problems like lost time, bad data, system outages, and ultimately unnecessary and avoidable expense.