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Recognition Server Price

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  • ABBYY Recognition Server: ABBYY OCR

    abbyy recognition server document capture ocr software ufc inc
    ABBYY Recognition Server® is a multi-lingual, server-based, scalable, and automated document processing solution.  Recognition Server is designed to convert large volumes of paper documents or document images into fully searchable electronic text suitable for business processes such as document archiving, e-discovery, and enterprise search. The product enables automated, unattended document processing which can be centrally managed and accessed from multiple points within the organization or remotely. Recognition Server can also connect with a variety of back-end systems and third-party applications with integration via Scripts, XML tickets, a Web-service API, or a COM-based API. ABBYY intelligent OCR and PDF conversion technology delivers highly accurate document conversion with recognition of up to 190 languages.

    ABBYY Recognition Server helps organizations easily deploy document processing projects of any scale with significant time and cost savings by leveraging its scalable architecture.

  • UFC Solutions for Education

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    Overview of UFC's OCR and ICR Software for Schools

    Educational institutions face unique challenges in dealing with large volumes of paper data in a wide variety of forms. Conversion of physical data into electronic format provides ways for colleges, universities, and research organizations to better manage this information. UFC, Inc. offers a variety of solutions for customers in these areas in order to maximize the productivity of their employees while minimizing their investment in both software and consulting services.  

    Addressing the Unique Needs of the Educational Community

    UFC's data capture and forms processing software solutions address the unique needs of the educational community including:

    • Rapid processing of paper documents including things like examination sheets, tests, reports, college transcripts, high school transcripts (in the Admissions Department), letters of reference, books, research dissertations, and journals. 
    • Stringent regulatory requirements including the Sallie Mae regulations, No Child Left Behind, and other Department of Education policies. 
    • Cost effective processing of student loan applications.
    • Large scale digitization projects using optical character recognition. This is not just for books and journals, but also for public service agencies affiliated with the library.