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Glossary of Document Capture and Computer Programming Terms

Document Capture and Content Management Terms

Terms about document capture, enterprise content management and forms processing software.


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In the document capture world a page refers to a single image from either a scan or an electronic document. If an electronic document such as a Word doc is printed each of the images becomes a logical "page" when converted to an image. There can be interesting ramifications of this for example when an Excel spreadsheet isn't properly formatted for printing. When a robot in the Quillix system prints the spreadsheet it uses an Office API call to complete the process. So if the margins and page size are set incorrectly the printed result may not be very desirable! There are really no good work-arounds for this problem so be sure when you check these electronic documents into a document management system you properly format them for printing!

Patch Code

A parallel pattern of alternating black bars separated by spaces and placed near the leading edge of a paper document. Sometimes used to separate documents and batches or to perform identification. Patch codes are a set of 6 distinct barcode patterns (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and T) that are typically used as document separators when scanning.


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