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Glossary of Document Capture and Computer Programming Terms

Document Capture and Content Management Terms

Terms about document capture, enterprise content management and forms processing software.


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Quillix is a document capture system produced by Prevalent Software of Colorado Springs, Colorado. This  document capture system is an application that works to electronically "grab" documents from a variety of sources, in both printed and electronic formats. It is a "distributed" capture process management system meaning that it allows the capture of documents from non-centralized locations through the Internet. The servers themselves are then centrally located, although there may be a web servers deployed at each scanning location in order to increase the speed in which the documents are processed.


Quillix Server Extension (QSX)

QSX is short for Quillix Server Extension and was coined by Prevalent Software as a means of adding plug-in capability for their Quillix Web Capture product. MuWave QSX modules are those offered by UFC, Inc. under the MuWave brand. All QSX modules are developed to run on the Windows server platform and add substantial functionality to Quillix. All of the MuWave QSX modules include a set of common features including MuWave Script and built-in support for the MuWave Reports product.

UFC provides a wide variety of QSX modules:


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