Professional Services

UFC® Inc. offers the expertise and skills to deliver the right solution for your organization.

UFC®, Inc. provides complete assessment and implementation services for every phase or project we are contracted to complete. The methodology used by our skilled professional services team is based on years of experience and tailored to the unique requirements of each customer.

Assessment Services

•     Analyze current  environment and examine business and technical issues 
•     Define problem and document objectives 
•     Create Proof-of-Concept if needed or required

Planning and Design

•     Project definition including planning, roles, dependencies, schedule estimate, phases and communication
•     Perform analysis by working with customer staff to document project requirements, functionality and phasing
•     Understand existing architecture and technical direction
•     Define legacy access application architecture that is flexible and allows for reuse and extensibility
•     Identify usable components and services
•     Provide a design and architecture that leverages existing proven host applications, business rules, and data


•     Develop project according to documented and approved requirements and specifications 
•     Perform testing and quality assurance including pilot / user acceptance testing
•     Refine & stage solution for production release
•     Release application according to defined plan

Project Management and Coordination

•     Technical leadership, project management and coordination provided throughout the engagement
•     Manage using flexible method for quick and efficient development & testing Knowledge Transfer

Technical Support Services

•     If desired, provide application and post-implementation and roll-out application support
•     Troubleshooting and analysis procedures best practices