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Tags Used in Articles on User Friendly Consulting

Software Solutions

This tag is used on articles where Software Solutions are mentioned.

  • Disruptive Innovation Part 1: Software Impacting Daily Lives


    Learn how Delphi teamed up with Verizon to provide a disruptive innovation that provided a means of allowing continued driving privileges for a friend’s father with the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.


    Sometimes when a new technological invention comes along, we wonder how we ever lived without the new device. Recently, I had dinner with a friend who is responsible for caring for his aging father who was recently diagnosed with the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. This has created challenges for my friend because he wants his father to be able to maintain his mobility through the privilege of driving. This provides a means for his father to keep in touch with his family and local community. This summer he received a call from the police who were with his father in a nearby town where he was trying to locate his mother, who had passed away several years ago. This isolated event that occurred during his father’s early onset of the disease could have resulted in loss of his driving privileges except for the availability of a new invention called Delphi Connect with wireless connection that is provided through Verizon.

  • EDI Solutions

    Our software solutions provide support for EDI (electronic data interchange) systems. The process works like this:

    EDI Process flow diagram







    How User Friendly Consulting Integrates OCR with EDI: 

    Documents received by your organization are sent through OCR software which extracts key data from them. Then the software populates values in your organizations EDI data stream. 

    We provide services that work with our data extraction software – ABBYY FlexiCapture, IRISXtract for Documents, and Quillix Capture – to create EDI data streams in a variety of formats such as X12. We can also marry incoming EDI streams to our data extraction software so that companies who process a mixture of paper documents and EDI can utilize a single set of back end ERP and content management connectors. This also provides the ability to bypass intensive OCR and document recognition processing when documents are obtained via EDI. Many companies have developed their own EDI strategies that are a hybrid of one of the published standards with local changes applied. We can work with these types of systems to bring EDI data in or export recognized documents such as invoices and purchase orders using the same EDI specification.

    Read more about Electronic Data Interchange in our Blog Post.



  • Mastering Your Software Application

    Mastering Your Software Application

    When an organization or corporation makes a software solution purchase, it is often the result of many hours of research, meetings, demonstrations, and the submission of countless forms and paperwork. It’s a considerable investment for sure, with the hopes of future efficiencies and cost savings. However, if the application isn’t being managed by the right resource, any efficiencies and cost savings can quickly become in-efficiencies, typically bringing about additional costs. This is where Mastering Your Software Application becomes paramount.