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Our support agents may not look exactly like the person above!

The Technical Support Program at User Friendly Consulting®, Inc. is designed to meet the needs of our customers who are experiencing critical production situations.  These situations often require real-time phone support in order to ensure maximum stability and system uptime.  The program may be customized to fit the needs of the customer by selecting from a range of optional support services.

Note: We provide support only to our current customers. If you would like to purchase consulting services we would be glad to help you in any possible. We provide a wide range of consulting services in the area of OCR software, document capture including ABBYY FlexiCapture (engine and end user applications), Quillix capture, and a general information technology consulting.  If you are not a current customer please contact us so we can determine the best way which we can help you by filling out this online form.

The most expedient way to submit a support case is to email our dedicated support email address or just click on the link to fill out the form below.

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At UFC, Inc. we leverage a multi-level call reporting and escalation process, providing real-time phone support services, which are initially handled at the UFC® Response Centers.  Level-one support engineers will diagnose and resolve the most common issues when initially reported.  If the issue requires additional expertise and resources, second-level support using more specialized knowledge and skills will work with the customer to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. In the event an issue cannot be resolved by level-one or level-two technical support, the issue will be escalated to a level-three engineering resource.  During all resolution levels, the customer is kept informed as to the progress made toward resolution.

For more information about our technical support services, please contact us at 248-447-0100.  To look up a common question, see our Customer Service Website at  To post a question, you will need to log in with your customer username / password.

Customer Support Assist (Current Customers Only):