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  • ABBYY Fuels Higher Efficiency for Utility Management Firm

    Total Utility Management Services, LLC, processes and manages over 5,000

    utility invoices a month from 2,000 providers. Manual entry of these complex

    documents into Total Utility’s database required the full time efforts of three

    people – a slow, error prone, and expensive process that is now handled swiftly,

    accurately, and automatically with ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices.


    “FlexiCapture has minimized manual data entry. The time required to

    process an invoice has easily gone down 80%.”

    Travis Hayes, Account Manager, Total Utility Management Services, LLC

  • ACI Automates Test Form Processing With UFC and ABBYY

    ACI Automates Test Form Processing with UFC and ABBYY

    The American Concrete Institute (ACI) is a leading authority in the concrete industry, and as part of its certification program, administers 35,000 tests a year. To capture the results, ACI relied on an outdated system requiring high maintenance and whose lifetime was nearing its end — until ABBYY FlexiCapture provided a fast, scalable, and customizable solution based on a modern future-proof architecture.


    “FlexiCapture is extremely powerful and flexible. It has great scripting and we can design forms in whatever way we want.”

    – Jason Pennington, Manager, Information Systems and Warehouse Operations, ACI

  • Continental Quality Recommends FlexiCapture

    Continental Quality, a leading provider of outsource services to the automotive

    industry, manually processed 3400 timesheets a month for employees deployed

    on behalf of a major manufacturer. Slow and error-prone, this cost Continental

    unacceptable amounts of time and money – until ABBYY FlexiCapture provided

    an accurate, automatic, and speedy solution to timesheet entry and verification.


    “FlexiCapture has definitely helped us be faster and more accurate.

    And we’ve gone from six people entering data to just one.”

    Jerome Scott, Vice President of Quality, Continental Quality


  • Customer Testimonials

    Read why people have chosen UFC for their products and services.

  • America’s Largest Non-Bank Cash Advance Provider Uses ABBYY FlexiCapture to Enhance Accounts Payable Process.

    Largest Non-Bank Cash Advance Provider Enhances AP Process.

    Advance America is one of the largest non-bank cash advance providers in the United States, and as part of its day to day business, processes on average 21,199 invoices a month. Always looking for ways to improve and streamline processes, Advance America decided to integrate ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices (ABBYY FCI) with their current solution to help streamline areas of their accounts payable process.


    “It definitely has been a huge time saver. Even with the ones [invoices] that haven’t been fully mapped yet, it’s still faster than keying the invoices in by hand.”

    Neal Littlejohn, EDI Administrator, Advance America

  • Nexus System's Experience with User Friendly Consulting

    Nexus Systems, LLCNexus Systems, LLC is the leading provider of web-based applications that drive business process efficiencies and business process accountability, focusing on the accounts payable realm. Its flagship product, NexusPayables, automates the traditionally paper intensive accounts payable purchase-to-payment process and is recognized as the best-in-class paperless solution. The NexusPayables application enjoys continued success as a result of its mature and robust functionality, intuitive interface, flexibility, compatibility with other systems, and overall ease of use.

    Nexus Services delivers comprehensive outsourced invoice scanning and indexing services for Nexus Systems’ accounts payable (AP) automation software, NexusPayables. Nexus Services is an SSAE 16 Type II certified operation powered by state-of-the-art scanning technology to provide the most accurate indexing and imaging offered on the market today. ABBYY FlexiCapture is used in this bureau to help stream our complex workflow of processing documents in an efficient manner. With ABBYY FlexiCapture, our document transferring process flows automatically from receiving the invoice, indexing the invoice, and uploading it into our client’s NexusPayables site. Nexus Systems, LLC has successfully utilized the flexibility of ABBYY FlexiCapture to fit our custom business needs; therefore taking full advantage of ABBYY’s breadth of implementation options. The custom logic includes calling DLLs built by Nexus’ IT development staff to perform database selections, document separation, auditing, and committal to our back-end system.

    As Nexus Systems, LLC grows, our production needs increase. We have worked with User Friendly Consulting, Inc. (UFC, Inc.) to help us further implement custom logic into our ABBYY systems. UFC’s professionalism and eagerness to help us with solutions and their in-depth knowledge make them an excellent resource for Nexus!

    Find out more about how User Friendly Consulting, Inc. can help you with your ABBYY project.

  • Wildman Business Group

    UFC Customer Recognized by KMWorld

    UFC's customer, Wildman Business Group, receives praise by KMWorld. Learn how they benefited from ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices by reading the article herehere. We were honored to have the opportunity to help Wildman Business Group choose and implement the perfect product to meet their needs. If you would like User Friendly Consulting to help you with your AP Automation process please contact us.

  • Why Noble House Home Furnishing Chose UFC - IRIS

    We are pleased to present this testimony from Noble House Home Furnishings:

    Since finalizing the proof of concept project with UFC, Inc. for the IRISXtract OCR scanning software in April 2015, we have benefited from using the IRISXtract software to process our vendor invoices through our Quickbooks Pro Online system.

    • As designed, the IRISXtract software has reduced the amount of time, errors and resources we previously spent manually entering the data into AP and individually scanning and attaching the corresponding invoices to our AP billing system.
    • As our business continues to grow (39% sales growth in 2014), the IRISXtract software is allowing us to process a corresponding increase in the number of vendor invoices without incurring the cost of adding headcount to the accounting department.
    • We are also looking into applying this OCR software technology with other departments (logistics and sales) to analyze data from various 3rd party documents (i.e. customs and duties forms, bill of ladings).

    Our work with Travis Spangler and his team at UFC, Inc. allowed the IRISXtract software to be customized specifically for our operations and capture the required data toour AP system. Travis and UFC were able to deliver on the expected results of the software capabilities.

    Thomas Tamura
    Chief Financial Officer
    Noble House Home Furnishings, LLC

    July, 2015 

  • Why Southern Star Gas Uses Quillix Capture

    When Southern Star Consolidated Gas needed a document capture application for their company they chose Quillix. The document capture software application processes scanned and electronic documents and commits them to FileNet through the MuWave QSX for FileNet. The system includes an engine which automatically creates barcode sheets for the separation of documents and batches called MuWave Barcode Generator

  • Wildman Business Group Automates Invoices with ABBYY

    Wildman Business Group Automates Invoices with ABBYY

    As a premier provider of corporate laundry services, linen and apparel, Wildman Business Group receives more than 40,000 invoices a year. But processing them manually was slow, error-prone, costly, and inefficient — until ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices enabled accurate and automated entry of invoice data into Wildman’s ERP system.


    “The difference is night and day. Before FlexiCapture, invoices were stacked on people’s desks. Now they’re routed electronically the day they arrive and approval goes much faster.”

    Claudia Keirn, Corporate Senior Accountant, Wildman Business Group

  • Wood Group logo

    Wood Group Recommends UFC's Customer Service

    Wood group is a leading international energy services company consisting of Wood Group PSN, Wood Group Kenny and Wood Group Mustang.  They have been using Quillix Capture for nine years as of 2015. This is what Mary Whittaker, Business Systems Analyst said about her experience with User Friendly Consulting's customer service:

    "In the 9 years of using the Quillix application, I have always been very impressed by speed in which the UFC helpdesk responds to queries and resolve issues. Most of our issues, not that there were many, were resolved within a 24 hour period. Every experience has been a good one."

    Find out more about Wood Group's solutions by visiting their homepage.